Your Liver and Kidneys Are Good Enough, Put Down the Detox Tea

Thanks to the Great Courses Plus for supporting PBS Digital Studios. Are you feeling tired, rundown and overall just bloated? Well, when was the last time you cleansed your body of things like acetaldehyde and bilirubin? What you need is a Detox product. I’m not talking about one of those Continue Reading

6 Foods That Help You Burn Fat

did you know that drinking coffee can help you burn calories faster when it comes to losing weight a lot of people seem to pay attention to the things you shouldn’t heat to the point where we don’t always devote our full attention to the things that we should be Continue Reading

What Makes Green Tea a Superfood? | Superfoods Guide

Who would have thought that you could drink a superfood? The next superfood is green tea, and the reason why green tea is a superfood is it’s actually loaded with very powerful antioxidants, and antioxidants prevent the free radicals in your body from creating disease, and they specifically reduce cancer Continue Reading

Naturex green tea sourcing in China, Sichuan province

Hi I’m Chris Killam for Naturex. Where are we today? We are in a tea plantation in southwestern China, in Sichuan province, in some beautiful majestic mountains. Here, there are about 235 hectares of tea growing in this area. There are no pesticides used on this tea. This tea is Continue Reading

Oxidative Stress, Green Tea, and Fatty Liver Disease | Masterclass With Masterjohn 1.9

Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of and you are watching Masterclass with Masterjohn. And we are now in our ninth in a series of lessons on the antioxidant defense system. And we’re now gonna take a brief break from looking at the components of the system and we’ll look Continue Reading

Green Tea Leaves Nutrition Facts

Green Tea Leaves nutrition facts show it’s rich in “green tea caffeine”, vitamins and minerals. Data source:United States Department of Agriculture

How-to make Ginger Tea

Today we’re going to learn all about the anti-nausea effects of ginger and I’m gonna show you my favorite ginger tea recipe. The research suggests that taking ginger in addition to your anti-nausea medication may work even better to prevent nausea than just taking your medication alone. The amount of Continue Reading

We Tried Fit Tea Detox For 2 Weeks

– Give me that Kardashian tea, and I ain’t talkin’ about gossip. (beat drop music) (whooshing and squeaking) (sipping) (beat drop music) I am going to try a two-week tea detox. I don’t really know what the fuck that means, but I’m here. – I’ve seen this trend all over Continue Reading

Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight? A Critical Look

– Coffee contains a lot of caffeine, the world’s most commonly consumed stimulant and caffeine is the main ingredient in most commercial fat-burning supplements. So coffee should help with weight loss, right? But perhaps everything is not quite as it appears. Now coffee isn’t just delicious, warm, black water. Substances Continue Reading