Rediscovering Euler’s formula with a mug (not that Euler’s formula)

It’s the holiday season, a time of year to bring people together and to do something a little bit different so Mathologer, here I’m Matt Parker from stand up maths. Hey, this Is sam from Wendover Productions and half is interesting hi everyone this James Grime from the singingbanana channel Continue Reading

Atomy Organic Green Tea

Atomy Organic Green Tea

COLD BREW TEST: Tower vs Maceracja.

Cold brew tower vs maceration Editing: Patryk Płuciennik Presented by: Adam Laska COLD BREW TOWER MACERATION The partner of this episode: KAFAR roasting plant The last drops of our cold brew are dripping down so it’s time to compare the two methods together to say which one is better or Continue Reading

How To Make Matcha Mille Crepe Cake (Recipe) 抹茶ミルクレープケーキの作り方 (レシピ)

抹茶千层蛋糕 你好,我是Just One Cookbook的Nami 今天我将和大家分享一个经典的法式烘焙食谱 但是结合了日本风味 这款独特的蛋糕是由许多层可丽饼组成的 我的家人很喜欢吃,我希望你们也喜欢 在这个视频中我会教你一些小技巧 教你做出像经典日式千层蛋糕一样的圆形边角 开始吧 400ml 全脂牛奶 3匙白砂糖 加热至摸起来温热 3个大鸡蛋 25g 融化的黄油 138g 蛋糕粉 2匙/12g 抹茶粉 半匙 泡打粉 盖上保鲜膜,冷藏一小时 开中小火加热一个12英寸的平底不粘锅 薄薄地刷一层油 煎2分钟 翻面煎30秒 开中小火加热另一个10英寸的平底不粘锅 煎2分钟 完美! 翻面再煎30秒 最终有1张大可丽饼和12-13张小可丽饼 240ml 鲜奶油 打到泡沫出现 3匙 白砂糖 切两条烘焙纸 把大可丽饼放在第一层 均匀涂抹打发的淡奶油,在边缘留半英寸空白 用保鲜膜包起来,冷藏2小时 我开动啦 我希望你们喜欢这个抹茶千层食谱 记住要把第一层可丽饼做的比其他的大一点 用一个浅口碗给蛋糕塑性 这样蛋糕就有一个漂亮的形状啦 请订阅我的频道来看更多的简单日料食谱 点击这里可以打印这个食谱 Continue Reading

Luke Combs – Beautiful Crazy

What’s it called? It’s called Beautiful Crazy. Check one two check one Shall we run with a song? What do you think Luke? Yeah, I think we’re ready. Let’s give the people what they want. This is the song they want. Scott, you’re going to see me master the selfie Continue Reading

Atomy Cafe Arabica Coffee Mix

Atomy Cafe Arabica

Best fast food coffee

hi guys I hope everything is well with you today is the last video of the month that I’m going to do about fast food best fast food and my idea was to try out the best breakfast so I went to McDonald’s I went to Jack in a box Continue Reading

【利きシリーズ】第一回は利き”緑茶” Japanese Green Tea Tasting╭( ・ㅂ・)و

It has been cold for days. How are you doing, everyone? This is Aoi Fuji. Do you like green tea by the way? I really really really like green tea! I have drunk so many green teas which is sold at convenience store. Let’s taste green tea and guess which Continue Reading

Looking for Coffee Bean | البحث عن كوفي بين – Assasi Vlog #3

Awareness one.. two.. one.. two.. I’m Zac AKA Assasi Today I’m taking you to the guesthouse where I stay في شغلات كتير مهضومه هنيك، وبنات كتير حلوين خلينا نشوف سوا مرحبا أنا كَميلا من تشيلي… حلو وأخيراً؟! أنا أحسن هلق صرت منيحة فيكم تلاحظو السعادة بعد ما الواحد يروح عالتواليت Continue Reading

How to use Coffee Beans in your De’Longhi Autentica ETAM 29.510.SB Coffee Machine

making coffee using coffee beans fill the container with coffee beans do not use caramelized or candied coffee beans as they could stick to the coffee mill and make it unusable place under the coffee spouts one cup if you want to make one coffee two cups if you want Continue Reading