ASMR EXPERIMENT CHALLENGE: Do not speak and drink green tea

[BEFORE we started the ASMR series, the Director of Ask Japanese just told CathyCat to sit down in the studio and not talk.] [The director is writing “DO NOT SPEAK” on the white board] “What am I supposed to do in this video?” “Hey hey can I at least drink Continue Reading

Traditional Japanese Sweets and Green Tea at Miyoshiya in Narita Japan

Look at all the illustrations. They drew everything by hand for their menu. Hi! We’re Crystal and Candy of Travel Pockets. We’re sisters who are half American and half Japanese and we love to travel the world in style. We grew up as military brats so we’re used to moving Continue Reading

World’s Most Beautiful Starbucks ★ ONLY in JAPAN

World’s Most Beautiful Starbucks Created and Produced by John Daub ONLY in JAPAN Welcome to Toyama This is Fuganuga Kansui Park and THAT behind me is no ordinary Starbucks That’s what many consider to be the world’s most beautiful Starbucks and it’s easy to see why! Just look at the Continue Reading