Color Orange | Learn Colors ~ Tea Time with Tayla!

Hey, Bananas! Leonard & I were just in the kitchen, and he picked out his favorite vegetable: Carrots! And I picked out one of my favorite fruits: Clementines. Hey! Carrots and clementines are both ORANGE! O, R, A, N, G, E. That spells “orange”! [Boom] What’s that? A volcano! [Screaming] Continue Reading

Eugene Ranks The World’s Most Popular Fruit

Eugene: He’s my theme song writer and singer. Min-young: Oh wow! He is the raaaaaaaannnnkk kiiiinng~ (and queen) M: Wooow! M: Bravo! E: Thank you. M: Bravo, bravo! E: Thank you *intro* Fruity fruity fruity (fruityfruity) Frooooooooo-ty fruity (fruit-a-fruit, fruity-fuity) Fruity fruity frui-TY! E: Welcome to the Rank King, the Continue Reading

Tasty And Healthy Caffeinated Smoothie Recipe || Livefood

Caffeinated Smoothie Recipe

Moist Cake with Coffee and Orange | Pastry Tube

Hello! Today we are going to make a super easy “Moist Cake” with Coffee and Orange. Let’s see the ingredients and how it’s done. – All-purpose Flour (225 grams or 7.94 oz). – Sugar (180 grams or 6.35 oz). – Cocoa Powder (18 grams or 0.63 oz). – Baking Soda Continue Reading

How the Empress of Orange Built a Community Online – Tea with Shira #67

>>If anything, you’re going to go find an orange hat.>>Another mmm>>And a scarf, and a cardigan, and some socks. And then you’re just going to be like, “Ta da!”>>Right, right.>>Hello everyone. I am joined by Gaye Glasspie, better known as GGmadeit or, you know what, the yarn ho.>>That.>>Seriously. There is Continue Reading

Twinings Tea Review

Hey, my name is Jo Roderick. If you drink Twinings tea, this video will be of interest to you. In general, I don’t consume copious amounts of caffeine. Since I’m nearly 48 and three quarters young, I’m forever trying to lose my baby fat. The short of it is that Continue Reading

Annoying Orange – Tea’d Off

-[high-pitched voice]: Hey Pear, what if this was my voice? Would you be my friend if this was my permanent voice? Would-ya-would-ya-would-ya-would ya-would-ya-would-ya-would-ya? [laughs] -[sternly]: No. -[British accent]: Pip-pip. What’s going on here? -Huh? -Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tea. I’m visiting your fine country on holiday. -Holiday? Today’s Continue Reading

LET’S TALK ABOUT TEA! | Jamie Oliver

(Music) Hi guys! Let’s talk about herbal teas. This is a lovely, lovely world! Is it a great way to hydrate? Yes! Is it a lovely way to start the day? Yes! Does it give you a cozy, warm feeling? Yes! And can’t fruit you heat extracts beautiful flavors that Continue Reading