Cocoa Butter Bath Melts | Easy DIY Recipe

For these bath melts, we’re going to use cocoa butter as our base because it’s very soothing and soft on your skin. So we’ll need three ounces of cocoa butter, one and a half ounce of coconut oil and some beautiful calendula and chamomile flowers, with optional essential oils. As Continue Reading

Moringa Monday Podcast 01 – Jason Rashidnia

we’re we’re also audio audio is good right here your voice carries yeah I got a deep voice great welcome we’re having our Moringa Monday shake we had put some Moringa powder and our smoothies yeah we have mmm a lot of bananas which is great that’s delicious mmm good Continue Reading

Cocoa Butter | Vegan Skin Care Ingredient | Rich in Vitamins | Perfect for DIY Skin Care

Our 100% unrefined cocoa butter is a natural plant-derived fat. It comes from the beans of the cocoa tree. It is native to the tropical regions of the South and Central Americas. Cocoa butter is removed from the beans by the use of an expeller, extrusion, or hydraulic press. The Continue Reading

Our Butters Trio | Mango, Shea, + Cocoa Butter | The Perfect Skin Care Bundle | Better Shea Butter

Welcome our must have trio of cosmetic body butters for healthy and glowing skin. Rich cocoa butter, exotic mango butter, and nutrient rich shea butter are now available in a set, so you can use them to feed your skin the right nutrients year round. Cosmetic butters can be used Continue Reading

Konye’s Cocoa – English Version

Under the canopy of Cameroon’s rainforest… …Robert Tambe is making his way to his farm. The brightly coloured pods dotting the trees along his path… …are what he’s here for: cocoa. This is ripe pod. I have to cut… …then put inside the basket. I should cut carefully without wounding Continue Reading

DIY Whipped Cocoa Body Butter Kit | Now Available | Perfect Holiday Gift

You are looking at our DIY whipped cocoa body butter kit Here you’re looking at the whipped cocoa body butter recipe card which comes with the kit On the back you will see a QR code that you can scan to watch the recipe video online you can also watch Continue Reading

How much caffeine is in tea? Learn from Le Chef Paresseux Ep. 6 [CC]

Hey everybody and welcome back to le chef paresseux, I’m rhino and of course Paresseux is French for lazy, just in case you forgot. Now I am on a mission to find fewest ingredients, least amount of effort, shortest clean-up, today is totally minimal effort. It is a little more Continue Reading

10 Surprising Benefits of Manuka Honey

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite pantry item, Manuka honey. Manuka honey has been used as medicine for hundreds of years. Also, it’s been used as food. So we’ll talk about the many benefits here. And Continue Reading

Arabica Organic Coffee Prices

Arabica Organic Coffee Prices By Arabica organic coffee prices are expected to remain strong for the next two years as worldwide coffee consumption is high. Coffee consumption is even increasing in areas that are traditional areas of tea consumption. We noted two weeks ago that Starbucks organic coffee in Continue Reading