How to make an Espresso Martini with Onyx

Today I’m going to make you an Espresso Martini using our Onyx Coffee Platinum. Cool thing with this it’s just like Espresso-In-A-Bottle, except you just don’t get that acid that you get from a chilled down espresso shot. This, with our Cold Brewing Methods creates a nice natural sweetness from Continue Reading

කොලෙස්ටරොල් මට්ටුකරන තේ.|Health Benefits of Black Tea| (Subtitles)

Welcome to our The Fact YouTube Channel. Today we are going to talk about effects of one of your favorite beverage, Tea. There are different kinds of tea in the world. Among them, Black Tea or the most famous tea within Sri Lankans, green tea, white tea, Yellow tea and Continue Reading

Avokonttorin kahvikuppi

I’ve created this dynamic – open space office that emphazises that – we don’t really have our own seats. Everyone can choose their own place. Marianne. Why do you sit on my chair? Weren’t we allowed to choose our own places? My cup is there. – So? That means it’s Continue Reading

Gynostemma 100% Organic: Tonifying herb tea of Thailand

(soothing traditional music) Sa-wa-dii-kop! Hello, I’m Marc Cofer with the Aum Tea Company in the north of Thailand. We produce the most natural superfood beverage I know of on the earth called Jiaogulan. You can tell that this is a living, health-giving plant from the very first sip. There really Continue Reading

Fortune Coffee – Onze 5 beloftes

At Fortune Coffee, we are proud of our products and service. That’s why you can count on our five promises. We promise you one person for coffee, coffee machines and ingredients. Excellent service, always nearby. Our personal relationship is just as important as good coffee. Our service always comes smile. Continue Reading

Dirt Coffee. Employing those with Autism.

I was hoping for a job one day, and then, I heard about this company called Dirt. So, I just started working at Dirt, and it’s been going really, really good. 90% of people with autism are either unemployed or underemployed. It’s not because they can’t or they don’t have Continue Reading

Tim Merry – Holding Up a Mirror to the Moment (Day 3) | Bioneers

[APPLAUSE] Hello. I’m still writing. Alright, so I truly haven’t had a chance to read this one back so you get the first hearing, and I get the first reading. Let it wash over you. Don’t cling on to any of the words. There’s a lot coming at ya. Day Continue Reading

#NDEAM: Bitty and Beau’s Coffee

[music] [Amy Wright, narrating] Our model works. Here at Bitty and Beau’s Coffee, our shop is run by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our employees do it all, from the greeting, the stocking and making the coffee. They run this place. [Matt, an employee] Yeah we have really good Continue Reading