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Dear friends, this channel will be closed as of the end of November. The link to our new channel is given in the description. By following our channel, you can access our new training videos which will be published at the end of the month.

2 Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup Invention Ideas

Ever wondered, how our actions impact the environment? Would you like to make a difference? It is estimated that in the U.S alone, Americans throw away 100 billion coffee cups a year, this is something we can change. Even you. Hi, I’m Daniel, Hi, I’m Felipe, and we’re from EcoSouLife: Continue Reading

Multiple Unit Material Balance – Decaf Coffee

In this screencast we will work through a material balance problem that involves, a mixing point and a recycle stream. We will use a degree of freedom analysis to determine where to start and determine our strategy to solve. Since we have multiple units, and we may or may not Continue Reading

Questions While Walking Backwards with Bizzy Coffee | Cold Brew for Busy People

(upbeat music) – You know, we’ve just always been really busy people. But not in the typical sense of the word, doing busy work. We’ve been chasing our dreams, doing 24 hour adventure races, launching businesses. – Well, I’m kind of the clean freak around the office. So every Friday, Continue Reading