My First yarn haul from a seller on Etsy | Yarn Unboxing | Bag O Day Crochet Subtitles Available

hi everybody it’s crystal so today I have an unboxing for you so I had some people say that they can’t hear me very well anymore on my unboxings or when I’m facing the camera like this livestreams or whatever so I’m gonna try to speak louder and i do Continue Reading

Amigurumi Tips from a master All About Ami! – Tea with Shira #68

>>Does she have a name?>>I think my daughter just called it Turtle.>>Wow you guys are a really basic family! We’re doing basic animal names. Got it!>>Today we are joined by All About Ami well actually Stephanie of All About Ami. And we are talking about amigurumis. I’ve never made one.>>Oh!>>Wait! Continue Reading

Knit without Needles at AR Workshop! – Tea with Shira #65

>>And if you’re drinking wine.>>And if you’re drinking wine! Which we are today! No, we’re not.>>Tea or wine?>>Or are we?>>It is 10 am! (music) Hey everybody! Today we are actually on location. We are in North Carolina and I am joined by Maureen and Adria, cofounders of AR Workshop. Thank Continue Reading