all right let’s do this playlists come huffing it wait that’s not the right one there’s gonna be weird we’re gonna be pretty much this far apart when we live together but like well I justit’s ever heard she did quite have to be in the same party because we Continue Reading

Tùng TeA & PC – Mây Lang Thang ft. New$oulZ (Official MV)

Caffeine – 5 Mins Or Less (PC)

🎵Intro Music🎵 I’m going to admit it, I was hyped for caffeine ever since I played the demo of it, I watched it go through greenlight and now it is on steam but i can’t really recommend it to you. I like the idea of the game but it runs Continue Reading

‘Camping’ at Sandbanks! Prince Edward County || Travel Vlog

coming up on this episode of Vaughn and Bibby just leave it alone don’t touch it don’t worry about it they’re not the Warblers so here’s the thing folks as you know Aaron and I were moving to Taiwan for a couple years starting August 10th and that’s just in Continue Reading

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Coffee Machine

How to make a coffee machine CoffeeMaster ———————— CoffeeMaster ———————— ESP LATTE CAP V V V You can of course make this display however you like! Add some flower pots, they look like mugs, and it will blend in perfectly with the rest of your office! Need your office pimped? Continue Reading

Stan’s Table: Cowboy Chili with Coffee from Red Dead Redemption 2

Howdy, partner! Welcome to Stan’s table. Today we gonna make cowboy chili from Red Dead Redemption 2. That’s right – thick, finest-smelling, meaty and delicious chili, just the right kind for spending a day in a saddle or in front of your monitor, playing the game So saddle up, take Continue Reading

JUST MONIKA: A DDLC song (feat. OR3O & Adriana Figueroa) [by Random Encounters]

I’m so glad you’re joining the Literature Club! Hey, I never agreed to join… Oh wow, Sayori! Who’s your friend? He’s our club’s newest member! That’s…not set in stone… This is Monika! Yuri! and Natsuki! …and you already know me! Welcome to our meeting! Are you into reading? No need Continue Reading

Thôi Trễ Rồi, Chắc Anh Phải Về Đây – TeA ft. PC (Prod. TaKu) [Official Video]