Legs and Butt – Mobility | Espresso Workouts Foundation #10 (4K)

hi everyone thank you for taking the time to be working out with me my name is Caroline and I will be taking you all the way through mother of all work outs is a good warm up so I’ll be taking you through three warm-ups first one is lunch Continue Reading

Get in Shape in 4 Weeks – Beginners Week 1 | Espresso Workouts (4K)

hello and welcome to the beginners week one we’ll be starting straight away with the walkouts to plank in standing position feet parallel and then bent over from your hips keeping the back straight then walk forward with your hands crawling like a bear coming into a plank position and Continue Reading

Does Caffeine Improve Your Metabolism To Help Lose Weight

and Hari Luker here from relentless fitness online personal training and lifestyle engineering in this video what we’re doing is answering your questions or in this case darryl’s question and Daryl asks does caffeine have any effect on your metabolism now there has been plenty of research done on this Continue Reading

Kettlebells & Coffee | Session 68

He always goes back to his original shape. Stretch him again and again. Stretch Armstrong The Return, only from character. Problem…stretching. Now, I don’t want to get too involved in this. I don’t want to get too ostracized from the Fitness Community, but I think we’ve taken stretching to a Continue Reading