TSL Plays: Best Boyfriend Bootcamp @ The Bubble Tea Factory

Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays! We’re at The Bubble Tea Factory and today 3 of our TSL gentlemen are going to battle it out in the best boyfriend bootcamp! – I’m gonna win! – It’s me, it’s me! So we all know that love is blind, but today Continue Reading

How to Make a Large Origami Paper Crane / Bird The Green Tea Room

Alright- Jonathan

Gourmia GCM9850 Cold or Hot Brew Coffee Maker 50 Ounces or 1.5 Liters

you you here is the Gourmia coffee brewer right out of the box I’ve added some water because I’m not using it for company but you can also use it to my tea or even that infuse drinks it has a stainless steel stringer unit here it’s very fun you Continue Reading

Long Island Iced Tea | INVENTORS | PBS Digital Studios

Hi, my name is Bob Butt, aka Rosebud. I invented the Long Island Iced Tea. This guy is historical. This is the man right here. The Long Island Iced Tea! The Iced Tea was invented at the OBI East in Hampton Bays back in the 70s. Life was good in Continue Reading

How-To: Develop Film with Coffee and Vitamin C (Caffenol)

Browsing around the web recently, I came across a community of photographers who make their own black and white film developer out of coffee and vitamin C, which they call “caffenol.” Now, I couldn’t quite believe it at first, so I had to try it for myself. Here’s how to Continue Reading

Gourmia GCM9850 Cold or Hot Brew Coffee Maker 33 Ounces or 1 Liter

welcome back to this unboxing you have probably seen the previous video of the larger container by Gourmia I’m not positive that that’s the correct pronunciation but that’s what I’m going with for now… as you can see this smaller unit it also has measurements unint it’s been in the Continue Reading

Conchita Coffee Table Book + Bloopers

So if you, too, want to own a Conchita Coffee Table Book Coffee Table Book! (laughing and giggling) Hey unstoppables! Do you remember those black-and-white pictures we’ve posted during the time of Eurovision? Those backstage pictures…?! We’ve got many more of them! We are printing books with some of these Continue Reading