Espresso Library # 2

it is 8:15 on a Saturday morning You Know that feeling you get when your you know that feeling you get when your late yer thats the feeling i’ve got right know and its worse when your late for a bike ride because if they don’t stick around then you Continue Reading

Does Coffee Make You Faster? | The Effects Of Caffeine On Performance

– It’s no secret, caffeine can be a huge performance enhancer for many athletes out there. So much so, WADA, the World Anti-Doping Association, actually put a limit on the amount of caffeine that an athlete could consume pre-competition some years ago. That rule has since been removed. However, I Continue Reading

Coffee Break With Researchers – Markku Sotarauta: Institutional Entrepreneurship

Our coffee breaks with researchers aim to spread knowledge about regional development and innovation. By sending a camera around the world we present you with different angles and insights on the topic. We ask researchers directly and in a personal manner about their work. We want to make scientific knowledge Continue Reading

When Should You Stop For Coffee On A Ride? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome back we are here with another edition of ask GCN anything. – Yes, and this week we are focusing on performance questions. We’ve got weight related, endurance related, and sprint related. We’ve also got a question on coffee stops. – We have, that was our favorite question this Continue Reading

JoJo’s Copyright Free Adventures In Italy – Episode 21 “Green Tea and Sanctuary, Part 1”

JoJo’s Copyright Free Adventures In Italy – Episode 22 “Green Tea and Sanctuary, Part 2”

Chainsawman – Aki, Denji & Power – Coffee

[Music] the cuff is salacious at his shop this is the first I’ve had coffee [Music] yuck this is smut water how foolish that bradwood and others tend to flavor yuck ditch water shut up be quiet in the store what a ripoff this is just mud this is just Continue Reading

Save the Earth and Use a Real Coffee Cup – A Think About This Tip

Think about this: American use over 16 billion disposable coffee cups every year. That is wrong. Here is the answer: use a real coffee cup and save the landfill. It is a smart way to make a green difference.