UX Tea Break: Are you a Positivist or an Interpretivist user researcher?

In this episode of the UX Tea Break, I ask you a question, which is: Are you a positivist or an interpretivist user researcher? So this question came about from an Instagram post I made this week which was taken when I was running a training course in London. The Continue Reading

Signs of Stress | Stress Symptoms

– Stress impacts us all. And while some stress can be good for us, it’s motivating and it pushes us forward in life, too much stress can have negative consequences on our physical and mental health. In this video, we’ll explore some of the signs and symptoms of being overstressed Continue Reading

Sperm, skulls and scandal… the hidden history of coffee | BBC Ideas

Globally, over two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. In Britain alone, we need around 95 million cups to keep us going from dawn ’til dusk. But 450 years ago, Western Europe had barely even heard of it. Coffee’s roots lie in Ethiopia, where the wild plant grew. Continue Reading

Caffeine study data – Intro to Psychology

Here we have our data from our caffeine and reaction time experiment. The caffeine group is called the experimental group and the no-caffeine group is called the placebo or control group. We just mention the mean, which is another statistical tool that we use in psychological experiments. The mean is Continue Reading

Does Caffeine Really Boost Your Productivity? | Fast Company

– [Max] Americans consume roughly 400 million cups of coffee every day. But does all that caffeine really improve productivity or is it all in our minds? To find out, I asked James, Victoria, Marcus, and KC to do a blind coffee study. (quiet rock music) – Max sent me Continue Reading

Caffeine study recap – Intro to Psychology

So now that we’ve talked about all the elements of a good experimental study, let’s put it all together into an experiment. So what we’re going to do is begin our experiment the way all psychology experiments do. By getting the informed consent from our participants. Informed consent means that Continue Reading

Religion & Mental Health Therapy! Coffee & a Chat w/Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Hey everybody, Happy Thursday! Do you guys remember this background? So cool I got this at CB2. Many of you asked. It’s been years ago. Purchased it. Pretty sure they don’t have anymore. It’s been like ten years, but it’s like a throwback. TBT, it’s Thursday! Oh, full circle. Look Continue Reading

THE PRESSURE TO GET MARRIED!!! Coffee & Chat with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

What do you value? Coffee & a chat w/Kati! | Kati Morton

Hey everybody, happy Thursday! And today (drum roll) is our first episode of ‘Coffee and a Chat with Kati’. Ta da! So what a coffee and a chat is, is when I’m going to take, kind of, an over-all question/concern that I get from all of you, and I get Continue Reading

Lilly Spills the Tea About Her Therapy Sessions

-As much as I love this job, can I be real with y’all? It can definitely get stressful. I mean, there are so many different ways to relieve stress, but I’ve told my writers to stop making so many sex jokes. So we’re just gonna talk about therapy. Straight up, Continue Reading