We Tried Clear Coffee

– You can like maybe trick people into thinking you’re super healthy and drinking water all the time, but it’s just like (bleeping) coffee. (smooth, jazzy music) – Wow, this literally just looks like a bottle of water. – I think if this were a drink you ordered on an Continue Reading

Types of Tea : About Green Tea Leaves

Now, I want to talk about green tea. Now, green tea has been celebrated recently as having extraordinary health benefits. But, I just want to remind you that it comes from the same plant as all the other teas do. So, you’re going to get similar health benefits no matter Continue Reading

Your Tea is TERRIBLE! Let’s sort this out!

– Hello, I’d like to say a few words on the subject of tea quality. I’m often asked, this is by way of introduction, I’m often asked why coffee is so much more popular out of the home than tea. It’s very, very simple. It’s better. Cafes, all too often, Continue Reading

New Fairtrade coffee cooperative in Indonesia | CH

The Ara Cahayani Gayo cooperative has already been Fairtrade certified and is working together with PT Olam and Nespresso. I do hope that with the collaboration between the cooperative, Olam and Nespresso, we can reach our ultimate goal, which is to provide welfare for all our members. Nespresso receives good Continue Reading


I’ve got some beautiful new modes that are spill-proof and that also support and organization that protects wildlife these three months are made by Zaciworks these are venti size cups that hold 750 milliliters or 25 ounces and these are non spill anti tip mugs what’s really unique about these Continue Reading

Making simple rugged coffee tables for cheap! (use captions)

I start by cutting 8 boards 16 inches long for the legs, intending to glue them to be 4×4 size, and then 10 boards 3 feet long. All from 2×4 studs. I glue the leg pieces together then prepare to cut the top section for a stronger joint. Seen later, Continue Reading


I just bought a new coffeemaker and I’ve only had it a week but I really like this coffeemaker really simple to operate and it’s called farber where single serve I got it at Walmart and once it makes your coffee it shuts itself off doesn’t over with no no Continue Reading