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Give Yourself Some Grace: Real Talk with Coffee

Hi folks! Marie here for some real talk with coffee, and I want to talk today about giving yourself grace. I was talking to a Create Balance community member recently and we were talking about forgiving yourself; and she was talking about the importance of forgiving herself for not being Continue Reading

Cat Tries VR

Here go nuthing. Maisel, Maisel, wear 4 art thow Maisel? This gonna kill. No Time 4 plan B That gonna leave mark Why me so bad at dating? Sale on nintindo switch???” Oooh…me listening. That expensive! That also expensive…but better. Can’t talk. Gotta date. So many characters 2 choose from Continue Reading

Tea Party | Season 3 Ep. 6 | HOTEL HELL

Uh, where is my room to– What is that? [bleep] Now, what’s that up there? Who sits here? [scoffs] Is it a tea party for rats or Stuart Little in for dinner tonight? What the [bleep] is that? Oh. What is it, like pet corner? We drop my cats off Continue Reading

Cheese Tea – The New Unicorn Frappe? – Hype Hunt: EP26

What’s up, hype-hunters! Previously, social media was exploding with these posts about the Unicorn Frappe from Starbucks and now, a new drink craze is taking over Asia. Cheese Tea. It’s gotten so popular that people are touting it as the new Unicorn Frappe. Does cheese tea even taste good? I Continue Reading

‘Excruciatingly Painful Palm Tattoos’ Flash Challenge Preview | Ink Master: Season 8

– Welcome. Only eight of you remain, and once again the teams are even, four on Team Peck and four on Team Nuñez. This week we are testing technical application. – Technical application is what’s happening when you put the needle to the skin. Is your line work clean? Is Continue Reading

RT Life – 1:34 to Register While Jeremy and Gavin Get Coffee

Ey! Lil J you wanna get some coffee? Sure Alright. We’ll go bungalow, cause uh… crappy stage 4 coffee doesn’t… ain’t good, ain’t no good It doesn’t compare, it doesn’t compare See you were smart bringing sunglasses Yeah, you know why cause it is fucking bright Woof And they bring Continue Reading