Tutorial! Cum reciclăm un tablou rupt! Realizat cu pastă din zaț de cafea!Peisaj de toamna!

Hi dear! As promised I came back with a new tutorial in which I will recycle a broken painting, on which I will create a landscape of autumn! For this I used the following materials: acrylic paints of different colors, embossing paste, coffee mug, on which I will use it Continue Reading

Berlin-based start-up Kaffeeform turns used coffee into fresh products

As a product designer, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration. I look around, I look at things and think whether I would have done them this way, too, or whether I would have improved them somehow. I started looking at coffee grounds differently while studying in Continue Reading

Edinburgh Coffee Festival 2017 – The UK’s first compostable coffee festival

This is the third year that we’ve been running. I think we’ve got a really friendly atmosphere here We’ve got a lot of real interest and all aspects of the coffee industry but also the recycling aspects as well and the waste issue and that’s been a real plus for Continue Reading

Ban Coffee Cups

Please share to support the ban of coffee cups

The Most Beautiful Top 51 New Ideas Reuse Old Tires! Making Garden Furnitures & Amazing New Ideas

The Most Beautiful Top 51 New Ideas Reuse Old Tires! Making Garden Furnitures & Amazing New Ideas Most Beautifully 40 Birds In The World Now Videos & Pictures On The Internets Ever. Top 10 Beautiful Citys In The World Now Trends On The Internet Top 10 Classic Books Which May Continue Reading

Ireland wastes 22,000 coffee cups per hour

Commonly known as the coffee cup, these disposable take-away cups are available in restaurants, shops and cafes throughout Ireland. This container behind me represents the volume of single-use coffee cups, disposed of every hour in Ireland. Coffee cups are currently not on Ireland’s Recycling List, which means a lot of Continue Reading

Cup to Cup: Closing the Loop – A Starbucks and Sustana Partnership

Turning an old Starbucks cup into a new Starbucks cup, it’s not a magic trick. There’s a systematic and scientific method behind transforming paper waste into food grade fiber, into new products and reusable possibilities. Every year in the United States, an estimated 60 billion single-use coffee cups, many of Continue Reading

Does recycling coffee cups make a difference? Listen to 6 Minute English

Neil: Hello, and welcome to 6 Minute English. I’m Neil. Rob: And I’m Rob. Neil: Now Rob, we’ve talked before on this programme about our love of coffee. Rob: Oh yes, indeed. I couldn’t function without it. Neil: But have you ever thought about the environmental consequences of all those Continue Reading

How A Company In Berlin Is Turning Coffee Grounds Into Reusable Cups

Narrator: Ah, coffee. It might be the very first thing you think about in the morning. But what you don’t think about: all the waste that comes along with that kick of caffeine. In the US alone, 120 billion disposable coffee cups are used every year. But it’s more than Continue Reading