An Espresso a Day

An espresso a day keeps the blues at bay, I wish to drink forever and a day, An espresso a day and not any more, As it makes my trembling spirit soar, I say goodbye to worries and fear, When I have my delicious espresso near, A simple twirl in Continue Reading

痛い足つぼ | レベル7でも大量の汗【前編】

I sweat with just one poke What’s going to be like today? – From the beginning That was kidney reflex, right? – Yes, you know very well I watch your video so well – Thank you very much Your foot is soft, though AAAAHHHH ITTTEEEEE (painful)!!! Your foot was shaking Continue Reading

ごりごり足つぼ | 眠たくなるごりごり足つぼ動画

“Are we already shooting?” “Yes” “My stomach was rumbling” “No problem!” “And many times” “When you receive reflexology, your stomach becomes active” “So stomach rumbling is normal” “Thank you, though. I could explain in the video” “You shoot with many camera angles” “Yes” “Trying different angles by myself” “Is it Continue Reading

ぐりぐり足つぼ | 足つぼ初めての人にぐりぐり施術してみた

“I am doing very randomly today” LOL “It is more real…” “Ah!” “Oh my camera…” “Slided?” “Putting it back…” “Let’s start from here…” “Are you okay?” “I’m okay” “I became too serious” “Ah, that’s painful” “Very painful! ITETETETETE (ouch). That’s bad!!” “And it is obnoxious pain” “My big toe has Continue Reading

【足つぼ/ポキポキ整体】看板ですよ、お客さん | クセの強い大阪門真整体院栗岡先生がやってきた

I get massage a little and go back to Shibuya again I have a plan for tomorrow I have to meet Yutaka while I am in Kanto I was going to go to bed It’s already painful So soon Stick! AKAN (no good in Kansai dialect) x 5 This sound Continue Reading

ジョリジョリ足つぼ | 刮痧(かっさ)ジョリジョリ。フリースタイル

Hello world Volunteered male model this time He likes Gori Gori (crunchy) sound and wondered if his feet would make sound … he was relatively healthy and didn’t make much sound… (laugh) I am using a Gua Sha this time I use it for my self-care … which I don’t Continue Reading

ぐりぐり足つぼ | マッサージ好きな看護師にぐりぐり足つぼしてみた

Hello world Volunteered female model this time She told me that her body was quite tired, maybe from her job; nurse It is a kind of job that I have as clients Night shift seems very tiring… 💦 Her salary goes to her massage fees… that’s what she told me… Continue Reading

(ENG)ASMR. 자정의 티타임Midnight Tea Time ⚘Whispering⚘Binaural

Delicate fragrance from rose tea That will calm your nerves down. Help you to sleep Hi. Everybody It’s me Kaya. Today’s video is going to be infusing rose tea. My friend Melrose went a trip to Shanghai couple of weeks ago. She got me these gift rose tea and tea Continue Reading


Martha Diaz I am going to make it more manly than usual and I hope you can stand that we do have some coffee today it’s quite manly way during stick that makes good ASMR known as I was worth more I don’t take time single letters to you anymore Continue Reading