Lucas Peterson Discovers His Favorite Dessert and Other Delicious Yemeni Dishes — Dining on a Dime

– Hey, everybody. We are standing here in Brooklyn on 5th avenue in the beautiful Bay Ridge neighborhood. On this stretch of 5th avenue, it’s sort of like a mini little Middle East. A lot of Arabic writing every where. A lot of stores and businesses are from Middle Eastern Continue Reading

The Mug That Won’t Spill | It’s Cool, But Does It Really Work

Just a little slap. This feels really good. Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. Is that how you always talk to your wine glasses? If I’ve had two or three of them. I’m Jake. I’m Medha. And we’re testing out inventions to see if they live up to expectations. We’re here to answer Continue Reading

Coil Overview

Sometimes the very best innovations in one industry are actually borrowed from another. The Coil is one such innovation. Repurposing the genius of a work chiller and applying it to the ever growing realm of iced coffee. More of a brewing accessory than a brewing method, the Coil crash cools Continue Reading

Sản Phẩm Mình Thích Và Thất Vọng Những Tháng Vừa Qua – Hit Or Miss ? | Con Thỏ

Remy Drinks Bug Poop Tea (

Today I’m drinking poop. No, really! Today I’ll be trying Bugapoop tea, which is essentially moth larva droppings. “There’s nothing offensive in the way it smells. It’s very grain-smelling, almost like barley.” Let’s take a look at how this tea comes about. In Asia, the larvae of a grain moth, Continue Reading

Lavazza Gran Selezione Coffee Review

hey welcome to coffee coffee coffee your place for average Joe coffee reviews if you’ve been watching us for a while you might notice that we have new chairs brought to you in part by one of our sponsors us us incorporated provided these chairs for us so they’re comfortable Continue Reading


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Review Gourmia Coffee Grinder GCG185

Hello Everyone! I just bought a Gourmia electric burr coffee grinder and I want tell you about what I think. Here are the grinding discs. The distance between the bean hopper disc and the motor disc change your grind size. Make sure you screw in until it stops and clicks. Continue Reading