Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine Review

ok hello everybody, with 2 fair info will be showing you more of the product reviews because every so often we find something really cool and that’s one of the few things which i absolutely love so what this does it does very very good espresso coffee, I got it Continue Reading

Paramount Coffee Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee Review

– Hey, welcome to Coffee Coffee Coffee, your place for average Joe coffee reviews. Today’s coffee is of utmost importance. (playful music) – So today we are reviewing Paramount Roasters’ organic coffee, and this is their organic breakfast blend. – Mhm. – Now this is not one of their Joe Continue Reading

Most Expensive Thing at Starbucks?!

You’re probably wondering, by the title of this video, Justine, what is the most expensive things at Starbucks I’m sure there’s probably something else That might be more expensive, But I haven’t found it, and for me personally This is the most expensive thing that I’ve ever brought at Starbucks Continue Reading

Super Cafe: Teens and Titans

So did you see that Teen Titans thing? Yes I did. So what’d you think? I think Robin better watch his rated R mouth… before he gets punched in it. No not that Titans thing! Ugh. no I’m talking about the cartoon movie Oh that. That movie about super heroes Continue Reading

Keurig 2.0 Coffee Maker Review + 5 Tips | Presto Chef

Keurig 2.0 Brewer Review + Tips: Hi everyone I’m Brian with presto chef and thank you for tuning in on our channel here today today I’m going to be talking about the Keurig 2.0 brewing system from Keurig this is the new generation of curing single-serve coffee brewing systems and Continue Reading

How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Pot

hey welcome to coffee coffee coffee today I’m gonna show you how to make coffee in a regular coffee pot if you don’t know how to make it this is gonna be the typical cut type of coffee pot that’s gonna be in most offices around the country so maybe Continue Reading

Nespresso Lattissima Plus – Exclusive Review

hey guys i’m Brian with the aroma dot com thanks as always for joining here my virtual coffee shop brought to you by aromacup dot com for you nespresso lovers out there we have the video for you a lot of folks been asking for this video and we finally Continue Reading

Aldi Barissimo Guatemala Coffee Review

– Hey, welcome to Coffee Coffee Coffee, your place for Average Joe coffee reviews. I saw on Amazon Prime that Dances with Wolves is available now. That reminds me of a line, where he says, good trade. This coffee is fair trade. (chill rhythmic music) – Okay, so today we Continue Reading

Share a Cup of Success | The Success Series

[ Whistling ] -Ooh. -How you doing? -Hi. -Hi. -So, what are we doing here? You don’t know? -I don’t know. I was walking. -I know. I don’t know, neither. [ Both laugh ] -Coffee. -Thank you. -Thank you. -Nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you, too. -I might Continue Reading