Roasting Coffee With Black Cup

Hola mi amigos! So today I am at Black Cup Headquarters with the Black Cup Roastmaster, Doug, and were gonna cup and roast some coffee and see his process for roasting coffee! So let’s do it! Let’s go inside. We buy coffees from all over the world – Central America, Continue Reading

How to Develop a Roast Profile – Coffee Roasting

Hi, I’m Neal Wilson with Wilson’s Coffee & Tea and in this video I’m going to demonstrate a procedure for developing a roast profile. So what is a roast profile anyway? A roast profile is just a record of how a coffee was roasted. Most importantly, that tells you what Continue Reading

Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster

if you enjoy a good coffee you may be interested in a new home coffee roaster created by the I a collaborative called Kelvin the award-winning allows you to custom roast fresh coffee beans enabling you to save money reduced waste and explore new flavors roast your own coffee at Continue Reading

Starbucks: Sumatra Coffee is a Miracle

Sumatran coffee is the most unique in the world as it grows in the mountain highlands of Bukit Barisan. and each area has a different characteristic, like Aceh Gayo and Sumatra Jambi, which we believe is God’s blessing for us. The amount of land that’s under production for coffee today Continue Reading

Would you Travel 5,000 Miles For a Cup of Coffee?

With over 800 billion cups of coffee consumed each year worldwide coffee. It’s kind of a big deal at 56% more Americans drink coffee than don’t and all told they spend forty billion dollars a year on it with over fifty [five] thousand coffee shops in The us and many Continue Reading