Mini Roaster for coffee

Coffee roaster Made in Ukraine. Exclusive development Compact size Compact size 340х330х250mm Several pre-installed roasting profiles Preheating of roaster warming-up 15°C warming-up 159°C low energy consumption 600W Adjustable roasting temperature Adjustable temperature and roasting time Capacity 150g of coffee Roasting cycle Roasting cycle 10-15 min Roasting for any brewing method Continue Reading

Tutorial#3: Measure coffee beans for using RA-710

當要測試咖啡豆烘焙度時,請先將測豆環放入測量杯中。 倒入咖啡豆將其超過杯口水平。 使用刮板移除多餘的豆子 使用剩餘的豆子補填至杯中空隙處。 盡量確保豆子不要超過杯口水平線。 使用刮板輕壓杯口,確保測試表面盡量水平並無空隙。 將測量杯放回底座上,並闔上上蓋。 按下測試鍵即會開始測量。

Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. – Customer Dutch Oven 1st Try…

(Make sure you stir the moment you dump!) (Just Keep Stirring until it slows the crackling.) That pot was way hot! When it was in there. I am going to start taking these out. I think I went way too hot. That I don’t know if that is roasted. That Continue Reading

Three Entry Level Roasters – Sweet Maria’s Suggestions

Hello, I’m Lily. I’m the Merchandise Manager here at Sweet Maria’s I’m going to do a quick rundown on a couple of roasters that we recommend for entry-level. We’re going to start over here, this is a Hot Air Popper. This is actually made for popping popcorn However, you can Continue Reading

How Barista Champions Roast Their Special Coffee | World Coffee Championships 2019

hey it’s Alex from European cafeteria and we are here at the work of a champion – 2019 in Boston and in this video we are going to show you how baristas use a technology in our case equal a coffee roaster to get better results on a stay so Continue Reading

Roasting Coffee With Black Cup

Hola mi amigos! So today I am at Black Cup Headquarters with the Black Cup Roastmaster, Doug, and were gonna cup and roast some coffee and see his process for roasting coffee! So let’s do it! Let’s go inside. We buy coffees from all over the world – Central America, Continue Reading

How to Develop a Roast Profile – Coffee Roasting

Hi, I’m Neal Wilson with Wilson’s Coffee & Tea and in this video I’m going to demonstrate a procedure for developing a roast profile. So what is a roast profile anyway? A roast profile is just a record of how a coffee was roasted. Most importantly, that tells you what Continue Reading