[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 6-2] | Choose The Spoon To Make Coffee!! ٩(๑`ȏ´๑)۶ (ENG SUB)

(They are having a tea time) A spectacle race is over now.. And you see, the sun is rising It’s becoming brighter People are out for some exercises The punishment time is coming.. I wonder who would go back home by bus We should stay awake guys Never sleep You Continue Reading

Coffee bean bread game in Master Key Ep. 12 with EngSub

Get set. Dong Jun starts first. Go. – The start is important. – It’s really delicious. – Three. – He’s hungry. – Three. – He’s hungry. You’ll regret after the first piece. (Your mouth will get dry.) – How is it? – It’s not as moist as he thought. – Continue Reading