Why do our Hands Shake? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Why do our Hands Shake? Simple. They are trying to break dance. What. Oh AumSum. Shaky hands are also referred to as hand tremors. A tremor is an involuntary, rhythmic movement of one or more body parts. A tremor is generally caused when there is. Some problem Continue Reading

Exabyte.io Tutorial: NEB Reaction Profile with Quantum ESPRESSO, native images

How to Make the Best Cheap Hot Cocoa Possible

Let’s face it. Bargain hot cocoa powder kinda sucks. It’s lumpy, it’s too thin, and the flavor is so-so at best. But no one wants to spend a fortune on expensive hipster hot cocoa mix so we’ve put together the best science-backed pro-tips to get the most out of your Continue Reading

Sperm, skulls and scandal… the hidden history of coffee | BBC Ideas

Globally, over two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. In Britain alone, we need around 95 million cups to keep us going from dawn ’til dusk. But 450 years ago, Western Europe had barely even heard of it. Coffee’s roots lie in Ethiopia, where the wild plant grew. Continue Reading

Why do our Eyes Twitch? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Why do our Eyes Twitch? Because we use too much Twitter. What. Oh AumSum. Eye twitching is also referred to as eyelid twitching or myokymia. Myokymia is a repetitive, spontaneous, involuntary spasm. Or quivering of our eyelid muscles. These eye twitches are generally mild and last for Continue Reading

What is Caffeine? and What Effects Does it Hold?

Lots of foods and drinks in our everyday lives contain caffeine. It’s a drug that can be used to help you perform better in training and racing, if used correctly of course. Caffeine is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular and commonly consumed drugs. When we think Continue Reading

What Has No Brain, 720 Sexes, And the Ability To Self-Heal?!

There’s a brand new organism on display at Le Parc Zoologique de Paris, one that just might win the title of strangest thing in a zoo EVER. Because it’s not an animal. It has no eyes, ears, mouth, or limbs, but it is mobile, it can communicate, it can heal Continue Reading

Is Butter Coffee healthy? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Is Butter Coffee healthy? Nah. I like my Butter Ice-cream more. Oh AumSum. First of all, butter coffee is simply plain brewed coffee mixed with butter. People in the Himalayas, Nepal, Tibet etc. have been drinking it for centuries. It offers the following advantages: Firstly, it can Continue Reading

What Happens When Bone Regeneration Goes Wrong

Your skeleton has the difficult task of being strong and hard enough to hold your whole body up, but bendy and shock-absorbing enough not to break upon minor impact. So when something goes wrong in the bone-forming process, your bones can get weaker and the results can be shattering. Under Continue Reading

[Materials Square] TiO2 Energy calculation with Quantum Espresso

We will calculate the energy of TiO2 unit cell using Quantum Espresso implemented in Materials square. We start at a new work page. Set your work name. Click ‘Crystal’ icon to make TiO2 unit cell Select space group 141 (I41/amd) Set cell parameters. a=b=3.78 Å, c=9.51 Å, α=β=γ=90º Put the Continue Reading