The ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Cast Has a Hard Time Looking at Their Past Selves

Well, family– family from New Jersey. Oh my gosh. Yes. You know, I grew up in New Jersey. We had no idea. And the Jersey Shore is nothing like your Jersey Shore. [LAUGHTER] It’s so much fun. We’re crazy. Well, we really– I learned a lot, GTL. It’s a way Continue Reading

The ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Cast and Martha Stewart Play ‘Spill the Tea’

Here’s how it works. If I can match all five of you to your secret, I’m going to win a prize. The first secret is, my first time babysitting on Jersey Shore, I got hit on by the kids’ dad. The next one is, my first meal out of prison Continue Reading

Fans Reveal Secrets About Edibles and Desserts in ‘Spill the Tea’

Happy Monday to you. Did you have a nice weekend? [CHEERING] I had a great weekend. But I missed being here. My dogs haven’t learned to applaud yet, so it’s not as fun walking into a room with them. I really did miss y’all, so I want to spend some Continue Reading

‘Spill the Tea’: ‘The Bachelor’ Edition

Well, it may be getting cold outside. But it’s about to get real hot in here. It’s time to play Spill the Tea. All right, it wouldn’t be spilled the tea without our favorite bad girl, Carol. If you don’t remember Carol, she’s the one who had sex on a Continue Reading

A Pole Dancer and Possible Swinger Play ‘Spill the Tea’

Happy 11/11. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Did you all make a wish? Yes. Yeah? So my wish is to get to know a few people in my audience a whole lot better. And it’s about to come true, because it’s time to play Spill the Tea. It would not be Spill Continue Reading

Fans Get Very Personal in ‘Spill the Tea’

But it’s not just any Friday. Today is National No Excuses Day. And I didn’t write a joke for that. And is no one to blame but myself. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] More importantly, today, I’m going to get to know some of the people in my audience. Five of you are Continue Reading

Ellen Gets Audience Members to ‘Spill the Tea’

Today I’m going to get to know a few people in my audience, because I’m going to play a game that helps me get to know you a whole lot better. Five of you are going to reveal a secret about yourself to me, and then everyone else who’s watching Continue Reading