Green tea addict Mokbang 녹차 중독자 먹방 x Seoulsarang 사라 & 마리안 [SUB]

Hello everyone this is Marie Anne today i am with Sara and we are going to have a green tea.. a green tea feast yes that’s it so we are going to eat and talk a little bit but first, please introduce yourself hello everyone i am Sara from Australia Continue Reading

Consuming a cup of coffee per day reduces kidney disease rate by 24 pct

A study conducted by local researchers has found a cup of coffee a day can lower the risk of chronic kidney disease. They say anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components in coffee help prevent the disease. Cho Sung-min reports. A team of Korean researchers published a report that highlights a nother benefit Continue Reading

Korea’s coffee shops & cafes going ‘plastic-free’

South Korea is kissing goodbye to plastic straws in its bid to go even more green. Most of the nation’s coffee shops and cafes are ditching the plastic in favor of some interesting and eco-friendly alternatives. Kim Da-mi reports. With this edible straw, you can enjoy your hot Americano for Continue Reading

Seoul Travel Vlog 4, Angry BTS ARMY, First time Vienna coffee, International couple in Korea

Ich bin heute nach Gwanghwamun gekommen. Ich bin zu dem Cafe gekommen das ich besuchen wollte, wenn ich zurück nach Korea komme. Am Eingang zum Cafe heißt uns(?) ein Hund willkommen. Eigentlich Ich bin hier wegen einem Österreicher der einen Einspänner nicht kennt(Wiener Kaffee). Dieses Cafe hat einzigartige Kekse im Continue Reading

Random inspections to prohibit use of disposable cups inside coffee shops and fast food restaurants

Korea is taking stern measures to become less dependent on plastic. The environment ministry began carrying out random inspections in coffee shops and fast food chains… to make sure they are complying with new regulations designed to help reduce the use of such products. For details let’s turn to our Continue Reading

Korea’s coffee shops & cafes going ‘plastic-free’

The recent push to drastically reduce dependence on disposable cups have been very successful here in Korea. And now we’ll try to part ways with plastic straws. Most cafes are ditching the product…. in favor of some interesting and eco-friendly alternatives. Kim Da-mi turns the spotlight to the newest efforts Continue Reading

How To Order Coffee In Korean – Must-Know Words In Korean

مرحبا بكم جميعا هذه جيون بارك من موقع “تحدث الى باللغه الكوريه” هيا نتعلم كيف نطلب القهوه باللغه الكوريه “كيف طلب القهوه باللغه الكوريه” اول شيء “مقهى” باللغه الكوريه هو “كابا” تكتب “كابا” ولكن تنطق “كاابا” من معظم الناس “كابا كايو” هل تذهب للمقهى و غالبا يجب ان تطلب شيء Continue Reading

Is Instagram to blame for why coffee shops everywhere look the same?

All over the world something strange is happening coffee shops everywhere are starting to look the same. We’re in a coffee shop in Brooklyn and it has a look you probably recognize hanging light bulbs, natural light, exposed wood, potted plants This look has started to travel. We went to Continue Reading


Hello doramaniacs! Today I’m in another place where a lot of our favorite korean dramas have been filmed We’ll be visiting some locations and the first one is the Coffee Prince Coffee Shop Most of these places are korean drama locations, for example Coffee Prince In today’s adventures in Korea Continue Reading

TTMIK Coffee Talk [subtitles in Korean/English/Spanish]

It’s cold. When was the last time you had coffee? I’m having coffee everyday. You drink coffee everyday? Yeah, I have one cup of coffee everyday. Just one cup? I don’t think it’s just one. One! Just one, but a big one. Like this big. You will be so full Continue Reading