When a Coffee Lover Tries Tea

Paul: Just to mess with him I poured some red wine Into this glass, I’m gunna go microwave it, make it look like it’s tea Oh this is gunna be beautiful Edgar: Hello and welcome to Paul:Edgar tastes beautiful tea I don’t like tea He’s going to like tea, I Continue Reading

CAFFEINE Jolene Song Parody!!! // Dolly Parton Viral Meme Made Song

Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine Oh I’m begging of you please just help me stand Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine Please help me because I know you can Your energy is beyond compare With boiling pots of black brew there With hearty scent and start of roasted bean My breath’s unlike a Continue Reading

Tony The Tea Towel Man – Aunty Donna’s Rumpus Room! Ep07

-Oh my God, it’s a lion! -Where did the lion come from? Arrrgh!I’m a scary lion and stuff. Watch out for me! Rarrrrgh! Oh, guys, it’s ok, it’s ok. This fortress is practically impenetrable, ok? Impregnetable? ARRRRRRRGGHH! Ya right Zach? Hello there. My name is Tony and I’m a tea Continue Reading

Tea Party | Season 3 Ep. 6 | HOTEL HELL

Uh, where is my room to– What is that? [bleep] Now, what’s that up there? Who sits here? [scoffs] Is it a tea party for rats or Stuart Little in for dinner tonight? What the [bleep] is that? Oh. What is it, like pet corner? We drop my cats off Continue Reading

Boseong Tea Plantation – Visting Boseong Green Tea Fields in Boseong, Korea (보성) | Life in Korea

Look happy! Tea, we’re going to drink tea. After a long journey we have finally arrived at the Boseong Tea Plantations and now we have to climb these steps in order to reach the top. This is the steepest part of the climb and we’re almost near the top and Continue Reading

Toy Cafe Escape Room Challenge

– [Lulu] I can’t thank you girls enough for helping me clean up after the Toy Cafe Camp Out, it was such a crazy night and morning and I am wiped out. – [Maya] No sweat Lulu, we love helping you. – [Addy] For sure, and it gives us a Continue Reading

Don’t Spill the Coffee! [Annoying Orange Plays]

– [Annoying Orange] You’re drinking it all! What’s even happening? (Energized music) Hey, yo it’s A to O back again with another gaming video! And look what we’re playing! It’s called, Don’t Spill Your Coffee! Also, Don’t Spill the Beans. Also, you know beans, beans, the magic fruit, the more Continue Reading