How Bubble Tea Is Made (Boba Tea/Pearl Tea) – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP219

Hey guys, welcome back to Xiaxue’s Guide To Life, I’m finally back and today I’m going to be doing an episode on bubble tea so I’m here at Playmade and I’m going to be learning about how bubble tea is made, how pearls are made, everything about bubble tea basically Continue Reading

Coffee Break: Netflix’s Bird Box Movie Review #BIRDBOXCHALLENGE (SPOILER ALERT)

I feel terrible for laughing at this. Yeah you should. It’s so funny. But it’s so funny! Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Coffee Break, where we get 3 guys and 2 girls to talk about things that are a buzz on the Internet. Bzzzzz. We are so lame. Continue Reading

Bottled Milk Tea in Singapore| Taste Testers | EP 43

Hi guys! Hi! Hello! Hey! Hey! Not say very often, but like… from time to time. When I was in Japan right, I made it a point to try all the milk tea I can find. No wonder, you came back chubbier. Not so often. Wah, I don’t know the Continue Reading

Coffee Break: Pay-As-You-Throw Rubbish

We are only at the start of this episode! Help me! Shame! Shame! Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Coffee Break, where we will get intellectuals and me… to talk about issues in Singapore. 5, 6, 7, 8! Coffee, coffee, coffee break. – Ta-da! – Oh… – It’s trash. Continue Reading

TSL Plays: Reverse Charades

– Rapunzel! No, no… that… freak! – Cinderella. That one! The curly curly orange hair! What’s her name?! Hi guys, welcome to another episode of TSL Plays. Today, we are playing Reverse Charades. Here are the rules. We are The Bloopers. Bloop bloop bloop bloop. We are the humans in Continue Reading

We Tried Everything at Playmade Bubble Tea | Eatbook Tries Everything | EP 1

So, hi Chris! Hi! Bubble tea brands. You know what’s the newest in bubble tea? The cheese tea what, no? The cheese tea? There’s a newer trend in Singapore right now. No, there isn’t. There is! This new Taiwanese brand that just landed in Singapore, And they sell flavoured pearls. Continue Reading

Coffee Break: Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review By Singaporeans

You must give them chance they rich mah. Maybe their chauffeur that day sick then they don’t know the way. What chauffeur? They all drove in an open top Jeep. Who drives that in Singapore?! Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of Coffee Break, where we get very hungry and Continue Reading

Coffee Break: New SAF Uniform, KFC Plastic-Free, GrabShare

Hi welcome to coffee break it is a new segment where we talk about news and other current topics in Singapore and around the world I am not a chicken! It’s an SAF admin tee I am guessing that the topic is about the new SAF uniform Good guess Is Continue Reading

The Medano Coffee Journey – From Farm to Cup

Ever wondered how coffee is transformed from coffee cherries, to the coffee beans you see and use every day? Join us on a journey to find out how our coffee is produced We travelled all the way to North Sumatra, Indonesia and found ourselves at a farm overlooking Lake Toba Continue Reading

We Goreng’d Maggi & Coffee! | Fusion Confusion Singapore

Eh too much! Too much!! Okay, I think it’s fine! Hello! And welcome to another episode of… Fusion Confusion! And we forgot to introduce ourselves! Yes, I’m Fauzi. And I’m Mark. And every episode we’re going to combine two food items! And the last two episodes were Confusions. Ya lah, Continue Reading