The Siphon Brewing Method

My name is Pip and I work at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. One of my favorite things about working here is when I get to sit down at the Experience Bar with customers and walk them through the siphon brewing method. It’s one of the oldest brewing Continue Reading

Starbucks® Coffee Tasting | One Coffee, Three Ways

Hello Guys, my name is Caleb. I work at the Starbucks Reserve Upper St Martin’s Lane. We are going to be trying coffee on three different brew methods blind tasting. -Cool -Exciting We’ve got the Siphon, the Aeropress, and the Chemex. We’re going to try the Chemex first, because that’s Continue Reading

A Coffee Brewing Theory “4:6 method” Invented by Tetsu Kasuya_ World Brewers Cup 2016 Champion

You can control the taste through the balance between the first and second pour. The third pour onward control the strength In this case, we will use 20g. Make the grounds with the coarsest setting of your HARIO grinder, or make the coarseness similar to that of a French press. Continue Reading

“Coffee Shop – Kahve Dükkanı” ve San Sebastian

I want to talk about coffee shops or coffee stores. I don’t know if everyone is confused but I think, in a coffee store, coffee must be sold. I mean, okay, sell San Sebastian, I don’t say anything about that but, I mean, coffee bean also must be sold. It Continue Reading