[CMV] Caffeine – One Punch Man Cosplay

Listen up, strap in, notify your next of kin You’re about to take a ride a little on the blazing side Guzzle down your Red Bull, you’re gonna need a bucket full You’re watching me accelerate, tear up on the interstate A certified monster, I’m an absolute trip Like Otis Continue Reading

Should you play Sonic Mania? (Impressions / Review)

Hey hey folks, and welcome to the latest instalment of Dave’s Impressions. This time around, Sonic Mania. These impressions were taken from playing the game for around 30 minutes. Enjoy! Playing Sonic Mania reminded me of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games on the Mega Drive. I was lucky as Continue Reading

GADGET NEWS !!! High Speed Cold Brew Coffee Machine

coffee drinkers searching for a quick way to cold brew coffee maybe interested in a new high-speed cold brew coffee machine created by sonic Dutch the coffee machine takes just five minutes to brew a cold coffee thanks to the inclusion of innovative technology called sonic vibration sonic Dutch has Continue Reading

Best Fast Food Sweet Tea — Bless Your Rank

Hi my name is Matt. Welcome to Bless Your Rank, and today we are ranking fast food sweet teas. We asked our Facebook supporters which sweet teas from fast food restaurants are their favorite? And then we are taking that group and we are ranking those. Because there are a Continue Reading