This Family’s 100-year-old Thunder Tea Rice Recipe

[Gentle music playing] [In Mandarin] Bi Hua: We used to stay at old Lim Chu Kang and we had a huge plantation. We used to be poor and did not go to the market. We grew our own vegetables. We would sing while watering the plants. Bi Zhen: It was Continue Reading

Blind Soup Taste Test

Sometimes when you’re sick all you need is a little blind folded soup taste Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Each week we ask you to ask us questions on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr and those questions – much like the weather – sometimes produce Continue Reading

Will It Soup? Taste Test

Today we ask the age old question, – Will it soup? – Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. We have a very persistent habit of seeing if things “will” on this show. In fact, we have a brand new poster, (Rhett) over at, a “Will It?” Continue Reading

$3 Ramen Vs. $79 Ramen • Japan

– Here we are. For the last three episodes of season three, we’re here doing Worth It Japan. We’ve brought our friend, colleague, cultural guide translator, tasty producer, Rie McClenny. – Hi. – Three foods, three parts, ramen, coffee, cake. – There’s gonna be trains, vending machines, walking, other b Continue Reading