Learn Coffee with Gwilym: #3 Dosing Mistakes

As well as being consistent with the dose we need to be consistent with the amounts of liquid that goes in our cup. Because if we have different amounts of liquid, we have different flavours and different levels of strength. So, there are two ways we can do it, again, Continue Reading

Learn Coffee with Gwilym: Introduction

Hello! My name is Gwilym and I am 2009 World Barista Champion. I am also a head judge with the World Coffee Events which organise the barista competition. Now, at the moment, we are in Jilove u Prahy, just outside Prague and I have a training centre here where I Continue Reading

The Siphon Brewing Method

My name is Pip and I work at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. One of my favorite things about working here is when I get to sit down at the Experience Bar with customers and walk them through the siphon brewing method. It’s one of the oldest brewing Continue Reading

The Athens Coffee Guide | European Coffee Trip

Freddo is a cold coffee, an ice coffee It’s very popular. We have double espresso shot, one ice. We stir it. And then we put in the glass with more ice. The recipe is easy but it’s very difficult to make the extraction correct. The Greek way of drinking coffee Continue Reading

Starbucks® Coffee Tasting | One Coffee, Three Ways

Hello Guys, my name is Caleb. I work at the Starbucks Reserve Upper St Martin’s Lane. We are going to be trying coffee on three different brew methods blind tasting. -Cool -Exciting We’ve got the Siphon, the Aeropress, and the Chemex. We’re going to try the Chemex first, because that’s Continue Reading

Q&A#5 cut version | how to open coffee shop? | what is..

okay first of all I want to ask you just tell a few sentences who your area okay my name is suave xrm I am one of the owners of coffee in Warsaw Poland and I am the former barista and Brewers Cup champion so why I decided to open Continue Reading

Roaster Stories: The Barn Coffee Roasters | European Coffee Trip x IKAWA

– If we keep coffee prices at the level where they are, globally, that’s a disaster. That’s not why I’m getting up every morning. We really are here to make a change, and make a difference. (upbeat music) My name is Ralf Ruller, I’m the founder of The Barn Coffee Continue Reading

Coffee shop road trip with cupocafe. (Our cupotrip)

Yo cupofans hope you are all doing Fantastic so cupocafe including um Has decided to do a coffee shop road trip today We’re going to vlog The whole of zambesi you’re gonna start to right on the end a Pretoria North we’re gonna come all the way through and end Continue Reading

Moccamaster Factory Tour (Building Your Favorite Filter Coffee Maker)

What’s up guys, it’s Radek and Ales from European Coffee Trip, we are visiting Netherlands and right behind us, there is a Moccamaster Factory. This is exciting because we’ll be spending the whole day inside of the factory, learning all about the production of the Moccamaster. So take a look! Continue Reading

How To Make RAF Coffee (Russian Coffee in Double B, Moscow) | ECT Weekly #008

Hello guys! It’s European Coffee Trip and we are back in our office with another weekly video. Did you know that Russians have their own coffee drink? It is called RAF, it is sweet and people are crazy about it Last summer we visited Double B where Bogdan showed us Continue Reading