Emi Fukahori – Becoming A World Brewers Cup Champion | European Coffee Trip

– [Emi] I think I’ve been very spoiled with good coffees. I don’t… easily get this “Wow!” effect, which is a bit sad, but that’s like, good coffees are good, there are some more excellent coffees, and there are extraordinary coffees, and then I felt it without thinking. (upbeat music) Continue Reading

Bol Köpüklü Türk Kahvesi Nasıl Yapılır (Turkish Coffee with lots of spar)

Türk kahvesi yapmak için kahve çekirdekleri çok ince toz gibi çekilmelidir. Çoğu elektrikli öğütücüler, bu kadar ince kahve çekemezler. Önce malzemelerimiz Yöntem Cezvenin içerisine her fincan kahve için bir fincan su koyun ve her fincan kahve için 1.5 çay kaşığı kahve ve orta şekerli için 1 çay kaşığı veye 1 Continue Reading

Grandpa Joel´s Coffee

In a conversation between coffee producers one of them questioned the secret about producing such a high quality coffee It’s a simple secret I share my knowledge with my neighbors And they share with me what they know. Together we find progress, improvements and in exchange I sell our coffees Continue Reading

The Medano Coffee Journey – From Farm to Cup

Ever wondered how coffee is transformed from coffee cherries, to the coffee beans you see and use every day? Join us on a journey to find out how our coffee is produced We travelled all the way to North Sumatra, Indonesia and found ourselves at a farm overlooking Lake Toba Continue Reading

Brooklyn Coffee Guide: Top 6 Specialty Cafes To Visit

(mysterious jazzy music) – Hey it’s Aleš from European Coffee Trip, Radek is behind the camera. And in this video, we are not in Europe. We are in US, we are in Brooklyn and our good friend Jiri will show us 5 of his favorite local cafés. So, check it Continue Reading

How To Make Espresso & Tonic (and Cold-Brew & Tonic)

(chill music and ice clinking) – Hey, guys. Ales from European Coffee Trip, and this is espresso and tonic It’s probably the most famous coffee drink during the summer, and we decided we need to know more, so we traveled to Prague to visit our friends from Coffee Source and Continue Reading

Coffee Beans Delivered Fresh To Your Doorstep | Stay Roasted

Stay Roasted brings the neighborhood coffee roaster experience right to your doorstep, so you can brew hand-selected coffees, as fresh as a local, no matter where you live. This is my friend, Tommy. And that’s his wife, Darcy. They take their coffee pretty seriously. Mmmm, that smells good. Thanks to Continue Reading

Economics of Sustainable Coffee

Sustainability is a word we use a lot these days. It can mean a lot of things. In the case of shade coffee, the choices that we’re making about the coffee we buy, are directly affecting the livelihoods in the Andes. What we are doing now, here in Colombia, is Continue Reading