Call of Coffee: Action Short

Tony The Tea Towel Man – Aunty Donna’s Rumpus Room! Ep07

-Oh my God, it’s a lion! -Where did the lion come from? Arrrgh!I’m a scary lion and stuff. Watch out for me! Rarrrrgh! Oh, guys, it’s ok, it’s ok. This fortress is practically impenetrable, ok? Impregnetable? ARRRRRRRGGHH! Ya right Zach? Hello there. My name is Tony and I’m a tea Continue Reading

Whole Foods Vlogger blasts off like SpaceX with Dave’s Coffee Enema

This is a nice day to shoot a Whole Foods. It’s always a nice day to shoot at Whole Foods. You wanna do the welcome? Welcome to Whole Foods This is my home away from home. So, Whole Foods, it’s the epicenter of the free world. Can we ever do Continue Reading

Ninja Mug with Shuriken Coaster

Add a little kick to your hot beverage with the Ninja Mug. This stealthy cup– [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Hey, I’m recording the voiceover for a commercial right now. Can you come back? This stealthy cup– [KNOCKING ON DOOR] [SIGH] What do you want? This stealthy cup is perfect for your Continue Reading

If Video Game Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (Playstation X-Box Gamer Video Games Parody)

hi I’m Roger and I’d like to offer you a respite from your life do you like video games or failing that are you psychologically addicted to video games because we manufactured them with built-in reward systems designed to activate the pleasure centers in your brains great then you’ll love Continue Reading

Folgers Incest Commercial – Extended Cut

I must have the wrong house.>>Sister. [laughs] Oh, I missed you so much. I waited up all night for you, you know. It’s a long way from West Africa. Oh, coffee. He’s here.>>I brought you something from far away.>>[laughs] Really? Oh.>>[laughs] What are you doing? You’re my present this year. Continue Reading

Koffee With Karan Spoof ft. Taimur and Ranbir | Bade Chote

I got the movie! I’ve got the movie! I launched Siddharth, Varun and Alia in ‘Student of the Year’. I launched Ishaan and Jahnvi in Sairat 2.0. I relaunched Bobby Deol in Dostana, a film really close to my heart. And suddenly everyone started saying I support nepotism a lot. Continue Reading

Coffee Is Poop (Kings of Powerpoint)

Hello, YouTube! We are the Kings of Powerpoint. And how do we prove that we’re the best? Well, we take the craziest ideas and we prove that they’re true. Today’s topic: Coffee is Poop! Guys, this should be obvious, right? You drink a cup of coffee, five minutes later you Continue Reading

Annoying Orange – Cool Beans

– Bored, bored, bored, bor ba ba bor bored bored! – Here’s an idea, Orange. Instead of being bored maybe try doing something. – Pbst, Pear you crazy. I don’t have the energy, I’m too exhausted from complaining about being bored. – Is someone in need of energy? – Oh Continue Reading