Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : 10 Biscuits You Have With Tea!

So, I thought I will do something fun. What do you like drinking… what do you like eating with tea? What’s your favourite thing to eat? – Biscuits. Biscuits? – Yeah? Okay. That’s normal. Awesome. Toast. One guy’s like toast, bro? Toast? What kind of toast? Normal toast? Cheese toast? Continue Reading

Coffee with Sr. Vassa Ep.39 (St. John Chrysostom)

(Sretensky Monastery choir sings Ps. 33/34): I will bless the Lord at every time… Hello, I‘m Sr. Vassa, and I‘m making my coffee right now here in Vienna, in Austria. We have a very exciting episode for you today, because we‘re going to talk about St. John Chrysostom, a very Continue Reading

Coffee with Sister Vassa Ep.15 (Nativity Fast / Рождественский Пост / Advent)

(Sretensky Monastery choir sings Ps 33/34): I will bless the Lord at all times… Hello. I’m Sr. Vassa, and I’m having my coffee as usual before going to work here in Vienna, in Austria. I am glad to report that I got a nice Christmas card from our missing crew Continue Reading

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian – Flirting, Coffee & First Dates

I think coffee date is the worst way to meet someone. Because you can’t just take one sip and be like, “Hey, you know what, I hate you.” And you can’t leave. It’s actually a self imposed jail. It’s a very bad idea. Also, problem is if you come early, Continue Reading