(CC Eng) How to make Ice Matcha Espresso Latte 🍵 มาทำมัชฉะคอฟฟี่กัน

Today I use Starbucks Green Tea Powder This one is Microground tea with sugar If you use pure Matcha Powder you can add syrup as you want Dissolve Green Tea Powder with water or milk Pouring it Ice Adding milk as you like I like Almond milk Add coffee shot Continue Reading

DIY STARBUCKS PINK DRINK! Coffee Free Refresher!

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel I have another exciting video for you guys and it can you tell what drink we are making a pink kind of color yes we are making the new starbucks pink drink but I’ve been seeing all over Instagram everyone’s going again Continue Reading

Cloud Macchiatos: 5 Things To Know About Starbucks’ New Drink – News Today

Is your coffee too bitter? Add some ‘Sweetener,’ or try the new Cloud Macchiato from Starbucks Here are the details on the new drink – including how it’s connected to Ariana Grande!    Everyone loves Ariana Grande, but when will be able to get an Ariana “Venti?” This joke took Continue Reading

Starbucks launches limited edition cereal latte – and coffee fans are baffled – News Live

Gone are the array of Autumnal pumpkin spice lattes and candy cane flavoured Christmas drinks that recently filled the Starbucks menu. It’s a new year and to kick off January 2019 with a bang, the popular coffee chain has launched a brand new drink for all their customers to enjoy. Continue Reading

Here’s the mf tea (Except she went boom boom)

*Straw packaging sounds* *Starbucks cup straw hole sound* *Sound of a Starbucks refresher with mostly ice and not much drink cup shaking sound* *Sound of a girl that just sipped on a Starbucks refresher” *Sound of a girl talking after she drank the “MF TEA from Starbucks* *Sound of a Continue Reading

10 Hilarious Knock Off Fast Food Chains Only In China (Part 2)

a lot of Chinese businesses profit off of counterfeit products and fast food chains so how do these businesses deliver by knocking off the real thing with pretty darn good replicas sometimes let’s take a look at ten hilarious knockoff fast-food chains only in China that’s China your China CBC Continue Reading

ASMR STARBUCKS NEW CAKES, MACARON 스타벅스 신상 케이크, 파리바게트 마카롱 スターバックスケーキ, マカロン咀嚼音 eating sounds

Hello, everyone~.^^. Today’s drink is Welch’s strawberry flavor~ Oops~ I’ll start again~.^^.~Haha Welch’s has the best grape flavor, but strawberry is also good~ Starbucks White Dolce Cake~ Starbucks Purple Berry Cheese cake~ Macaron Citron(yuja) flavor~ The citron tastes so refresh, and It’s very delicious~ Macaron Blueberry flavor~ It’s so good Continue Reading

STARBUCKS Joglo – Green Tea Cream Frappuccino Blended Grande Whip Cream Additional Sauce Caramel

(Subscribe to Mas Siswanda Putra’s channel). (To get information about Culinary, Traveling and Knowledge) (Starbucks, Joglo Srengseng). Well here it is Green Tea Cream with Caramel. (Green Cream Tea with Caramel Sauce) (Green Tea Cream Frappuccino Blended Grande, Whip Cream Additional Sauce Caramel). (Green Tea Cream is part of the Continue Reading