Espresso Library # 2

it is 8:15 on a Saturday morning You Know that feeling you get when your you know that feeling you get when your late yer thats the feeling i’ve got right know and its worse when your late for a bike ride because if they don’t stick around then you Continue Reading

Waring 55-Cup Coffee Urn (141-WCU55)

Perfect for special events and large commercial kitchens, this 55-cup coffee urn offers shorter brew times, extra-large capacities, and an attractive stainless steel construction. A dual-heater system first brews coffee at 200°F, then automatically switches to the second heater to lower the heat and hold the coffee at the preferred Continue Reading

ELECTRIC KETTLE ELECHOMES Gooseneck 💥Tea, Drip Coffee | Crystal Knob Review- 👈

today I have a new electric kettle from Elechomes which is perfect for tea coffee or even instant soups this electric kettle from Elechomes features a gooseneck design with a crystal lid it has a variable temperature control with 12 settings a stainless steel body and as I mentioned before Continue Reading

What’s inside a Yeti Cup?

– Oh boy! (water steaming) Oh boy! (metallic grinding) – Welcome back, What’s Inside. I’m Linc and this is dad, and today we’re gonna cut open some Yeti cups. – What week is this Lincoln? – Mug Week. – Mug week, and this is the end of mug week, ha. Continue Reading

How to Powder Coat A Stainless Yeti Cup – Powder Coating Tips & Tricks – Eastwood

today we’re going to be going over and increasingly popular topic it’s going to be how to powdercoat your stainless-steel tumblr if you’ve never turned in one of these before we want to be as interactive as possible so we have Matt over here on the computer another one of Continue Reading

#26 Steel + Coffee Sack Footstool / Ottoman – DIY Curious Creator

In this video I’m gonning show you how I made this steel in coffee sack footstool I built the frame uses some 40mm box-section steel. I started by making a rectangle for the base using a metal cutting saw. I cut down the pieces all with 45 degree mitre. Two Continue Reading