r/entitledparents | “GIVE MY 5 YEAR OLD YOUR ESPRESSO!”

My headphones affect the education of Karen’s poor baby L This is my first post on this subreddit yada yada yada. Background: all of this happened about a year ago at a cleaning job I had to pay my way through university. I was registered with a cleaning agency who Continue Reading

해장에는 아메리카노 0_0 The Perfect Hangover Cure Coffee in Korea

I’ve never had a cup of coffee There’s someone who must drinks americano for cure a hangover I used to do it There’s a cafe near my previous company they are famous for their americano It’s called COFFEE HANGOVER CURE They added citron and cinnamon to americano It’s has definitely Continue Reading

THE COOL BEAN | Illustrating the Character

Hello there, my name is Pete Oswald. I’m the illustrator of The Bad Seed, The Good Egg, and our newest book The Cool Bean. Today, I wanna show you how I designed The Cool Bean by using a mixture of pencil and real paint. I’ll first start with drawing the Continue Reading

The Cool Bean | Animated Trailer

[SOUND] Here come the cool beans. They swagger to the left. They strut to the right. They’re so cool. They play guitar. [MUSIC] They draw the best superheroes. And one of them can jump higher than any bean I’ve ever known [MUSIC] That’s really cool.>>There are two types of beans Continue Reading

My Father Forced Me To Beg On The Streets To Earn Money For Him

Hey, guys! My name is Amber. And today I can happily say, I have a roof over my head, clean clothes, and I’ve just had a really nice dinner. What’s so special about that? Believe it or not, before, like less than a year ago, you would’ve found me sitting Continue Reading

A Japanese Robot Made My Coffee

It’s well known that Tokyo has an abundance of coffee shops Especially here in Shibuya with it’s popular Starbucks overlooking the Scramble Crossing But today.. I’ve come to the basement of a shopping complex to have my coffee made… by a robot! This is “Sawyer”. Japan’s first Robot Barista Sawyer Continue Reading


– Hey Hunties, it’s ya girl LaToya Forever. In today’s video, I’m showing you my night-time routine featuring baby Ayah. I partnered with Walmart in today’s video because of course they carry all of the products I use in our night-time routine. Now let’s jump right into the video. My Continue Reading

Chili’s Mukbang with Shane, Ryland, & Morgan (wedding plans, Janacon, TEA)

made by kate yeeeet Mean yeah, do you want to close or do you want to be able to see all the plan? It’s Tana mojo, welcome to my channel or welcome back to my melinda. Lee not gonna do the intro down to the veterinarian kamilla So guys Tana’s Continue Reading