Business Scene: Bubble Tea and Coffee

This is Business Scene. I’m Ira Mellman. Bubble tea fans can frolic in a pool of 100,000 plastic purple pearls, take photos on a bubble tea IV drip, and swing on a giant wrecking ball at a new exhibit in Singapore. The pop-up aims to be a “one-stop happy place” Continue Reading

Inside the Co-Op – Ubuntu Coffee Cooperative

My name is Rich Soenksen, I work here at the Ubuntu coffee cooperative. My name is Kelly Widdowson and I’m a worker owner of the Ubuntu coffee co-op. The business is located in Emeryville California and we’re on Doyle Street. Ubuntu is a coffee roastery so and we operate as Continue Reading

Women are the Backbone of Sumatran Coffee

It’s a very pronounced role. They do control all economic aspects of the household. They also perform probably 70 to 75 percent of the work that goes on on the farm. As you noticed in our mill yesterday, nearly all the folks that came to sell the coffee were women. Continue Reading

Starbucks At Home Coffee – Alexandra

I love to start off my day with some flavor. I want the whole kitchen to smell like coffee. I usually will put on some music and make a full pot for just the two of us. I really love the dark roast because of all of the intense flavors. Continue Reading

Why is Sumatran coffee so special?

What makes Sumatran coffee special? The soils, the sun, the rain. Everything makes it different. The very unique and the very special thing about Sumatra is the taste. Very low acidity and having a nice earthy flavor, a nice chocolaty flavor in the coffee. And it’s a rarity in the Continue Reading

Starbucks Sumatra Coffee Review

– Hey! Welcome to Coffee Coffee Coffee. Your place for average Joe coffee reviews. Today’s coffee is of single origin, unlike myself. – (laughs) – So what is today’s wonderful, or not wonderful, coffee? – Right, it is Starbucks’ Sumatra single origin dark roast coffee. It’s 100% Arabica beans, ground, Continue Reading

Starbucks: Sumatra Coffee is a Miracle

Sumatran coffee is the most unique in the world as it grows in the mountain highlands of Bukit Barisan. and each area has a different characteristic, like Aceh Gayo and Sumatra Jambi, which we believe is God’s blessing for us. The amount of land that’s under production for coffee today Continue Reading