Super Cafe: And The Reboot Goes To

So… did you see the award show? yeah I guess Hollywood really hates superhero movies. Well I’d say they should stop starring in them, if it bothers them that much. I mean who hates superhero movies? We make millions of people happy over and over again. What’s wrong with that? Continue Reading

Super Cafe: Teens and Titans

So did you see that Teen Titans thing? Yes I did. So what’d you think? I think Robin better watch his rated R mouth… before he gets punched in it. No not that Titans thing! Ugh. no I’m talking about the cartoon movie Oh that. That movie about super heroes Continue Reading

Super Cafe: Versus

Whaaaaaaaaaat! We are going to be in a movie together! I know! It’s gonna be awesome! I have so many questions. Yeah me too. Do you think there will be a cafe? I doubt it. What’s the premise? I’m not sure. They’re making everyone believe its a versus movie. Versus? Continue Reading

Super Cafe Compilation – Volume One

so then what you do, oh The usual made sure they put luther away made out with [Louis] for a little bit flew into space smiles with the camera. sweet. yeah! You know what else? Turns out Luther had this chunk of kryptonite. That would have totally ruined me if Continue Reading