Cocoa Cultivation | CacaoCollective

Farmers… they have to treat the soil, right from the beginning. And… just like when you’re growing a fish. One of the things you have to take care is the water, but most people don’t care of the soil, when they’re growing plants. They can see inside the water, but Continue Reading

What’s the Best Way to Brew Aerobic Compost Tea on a Small Scale?

Del has a question here. What is the best way to brew aerobic compost tea on a small scale? I’m thinking five and 10 gallons might be better than a whole IBC or barrel. How would you approach this inexpensively for the small holder? Well, it’s all about the amount Continue Reading

The Micro-Canning Revolution featuring Pilot Coffee Roasters

My name is Brett Johnson and I am the Head of Innovation at Pilot Coffee Roasters. My largest project under the title has been building the cold brew department from the ground up. We were fortunate to be the – I think – the first Canadian roaster to do nitro Continue Reading

Is Using Compost and Compost Tea Really Safe?

Here, we have a question from James, who’s been doing a bit of researching. “After researching the safety of compost tea, “food cultivation, and food safety in general, “I read a study from the UCONN College of Agriculture “where they sound the alarm on mulch piles, “compost, both plant and Continue Reading

Cocoa to chocolate | CacaoCollective

For us who work in investigation and development in the cocoa’s field, we are going to work on all the aspects related with the use of cocoa. So we work in collaboration with our colleagues to achieve chocolates. So this actually means finding different types of cocoa which bring new Continue Reading

Good Days Start with a Latte. Good Tomorrows Start with Sustainable Espresso

-[Barista] National Coffee Day -[Woman] Free coffee today! Do you want one? -[Barista] So do you guys know today is National Coffee Day? -[Crowd] Yeah! -[Barista] All of our espresso beans are sustainably sourced and were certified by the rainforest alliance. -[Woman] Do you guys have an actual location? -[Barista] Continue Reading

Coffee borer traps – Trampas para broca

One of the problems that we are facing in 2016 and which resulted in loss of quality of our product and therefore economical damage and hardship to families is the problem of the coffee borer plague Ethological control consist in installing traps in the field traps that do not require Continue Reading