Chocolate Burfi | Chocolate or Cocoa Sweet | Gayathri Sivaram’s Kitchen

Hello Viewers, Today we are going to see how to prepare Chocolate Burfi lets look at the ingredients required to prepare this. One tin of Milkmaid(Sweet Condensed Milk) Half cup of Cocoa Powder Three-Fourth cup of Sugar 50g of Cooking Unsalted Butter 100g Cashew Nuts, cut into small pieces Little Continue Reading

Marjaisa Pavlova / Berry Pavlova RECIPE (eng / fin)

I have 4 eggwhites here whisk them into a soft foam now that it’s foamy if you turn the bowl around the foam won’t fall off of it add half of the sugar mix potato starch to rest of the sugar and add the mixture to the foam add lemon/lime Continue Reading

How to make an Absolut Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail | Recipe


– This is stupid. Yo, it’s your boy Kill’em FTW, I always kill ’em for the win, and you’re watchin’ me kill ’em for the win. Whoo-ah! So you probably read the title and thought, What the hell is this guy doin’? I’m gonna be makin’ my own caffeine sweets Continue Reading

Tasty And Healthy Caffeinated Smoothie Recipe || Livefood

Caffeinated Smoothie Recipe

The Ultimate Berry Crumble – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes dot-com with the ultimate berry crumble that’s right unlike some of my peers I don’t just tack on the word ultimate to a recipe name just to try to get extra views no when you see the word ultimate here you know Continue Reading