#formosa #taiwanteas Nantou Tea. Tasting Taiwanese Oolongs

Hello, my friends! Today we continue tasting Taiwanese teas Right now we’re in the office of a company that mainly deals with the final stage of tea processing firing they end up having great volumes of the most exquisite tea, I would say including some contest-winning teas But they receive Continue Reading

【Traveling Taiwan】The Tea Gardens of Maokong【旅遊台灣】貓空茶園

At first glance the panoramic view of the city opens before you Tieguanyin In both Taiwan and China is one of the top-ten teas I recommend that you visit Taipei Tea Promotion Center to learn more about the local tea industry and tea culture

Should You Be Rinsing Your Teas?

Hey teaheads! This is Don from Mei Leaf. In this video, should you be rinsing your teas? In this video I’m going to be going through some of the theories about WHY you should be rinsing teas, and we’re going to test some of them out. This video is going Continue Reading