simple daily life in winter morning! 冬天早上的簡單日常 Vlog

This week, want to share my normal life in morning! a simple, cozy time to take rest.. roast a ham toast for breakfast brew your fresh coffee… simple daily life, ham toast, hot coffee latte in winter morning Normally I don’t use cooktop in the early morning As I hope Continue Reading

How Coffee Overtook Tea In Taiwan

Taiwan is historically associated with tea. It’s flush with tea farms growing oolong and stores selling bubble tea. But there’s a new caffeinated beverage that has taken the island by storm. In the past two decades, Taiwan has become an uncanny breeding ground for a dynamic coffee scene. Now it’s Continue Reading



Hi… hi! today we are gonna try to buy a our first thing in chinese.. we have been practicing like crazy! we have almost half an hour practicing how to order a bubble tea, passionfruit bubble tea the mandarin translation for passionfruit is : Bǎixiāng guǒ (百香果) so… we are Continue Reading

Crazy Bubble Tea Flavours | Taste Testers | EP 106

Ah! PD: Hi Guys! Hi! Hi! Again? Bubble tea episode? It’s ok. NO? But I do drink bubble tea, maybe like three times a week. Hazelnut milk tea Omg me too! Hazelnut milk tea is the best! Okinawa M: The brown sugar one? J: Yes I’m more of like the Continue Reading

3 Bubble Teas in Taiwan (i-Milky, Jenjudan, JLD Dragon)

2..3..and go! hey guys! hi guys helloooo! where are we? we are at the… ninjang… ninjang street?? wan-chin-chang where is that? we are in Taiwan! and we have a mission today cause we heard that… it’s not only today it’s for the entire trip it’s for the entire trip we Continue Reading

Where Did Bubble Tea Come From?

Boba. It’s taken the world by storm. This is exciting. Cheers. Two men on a mission to make better boba, which is milk tea with tapioca pearls. But what exactly is boba, and what’s with all the hype? Invented in the ‘80s, boba is a popular beverage that originates from Continue Reading

Boozy Boba and Cough Syrup Green Tea

People that don’t know this specific cough syrup are just kind of appalled that there is cough syrup in a drink. Hi, my name is Elton Keung, the owner of Labobatory. In college, turning 21, the idea of alcoholic boba came to be, and I started to learn how to Continue Reading