Post Malone Takes Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden

♪♪ -I’m here with Post Malone. And he’s gonna take me to his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. -Yeah, very excited. -Now, you have no connection to Olive Garden. Want to put this out before we like — -Yeah, yeah. I have not been monetarily compensated by Olive Garden to do Continue Reading

Instant Food Taste Test

Today we put on blindfolds and see if we can tell the difference between – real and instant food. – Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning! – We are living in an instant world and I am an an instant girl. One of the Continue Reading

healthtalks Coffee Enema Time

Hi. Welcome to healthtalks Today Jess is going to talk with us about how to instantly detoxify the body. Ugggh – I think I’m excited ? You should be excited because today we’re going to talk about possibly my most favorite topic ever…. which is Coffee Enemas. I Don’t know Continue Reading

Worst Criminal Disguises

You don’t need a ask when you’ve got a bucket. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning! – Thank you for making us a part of… …your daily routine, and thank you if you’re subscribed. If you’re not, you should subscribe so that you know Continue Reading

World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park

Today, I present to you an amusement park that was so fun, it killed people. (through laughter) Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning. – Spring is just around the corner, – and you know what that means, Link… – Flowers. Amusement park time! And Continue Reading

Unusual Ways To Kill Boredom

Why be bored when you can be unbored? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Every Thursday, we are coal miners, but the coal that we’re mining for is your questions. And when we find one of those coal question pieces, we take it and then Continue Reading

COFFEE TALK – Merrell Twins

Coffee? Yeah, I like coffee. It’s really good. You know, it doesn’t affect me though. But when Roni drinks it? Oh. It changes everything. Coffee? Oh, I love coffee. Oh, thank you. It’s so good. Mmm. Every time I see her turn on the Keurig, I hide. Yep, I hide. Continue Reading

Upside Down Glasses Challenge

Today we’re putting on these glasses that turn everything upside down and playing some games. Let’s do that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. If you paid a little bit of attention in biology class, you probably know how the eyeball works. It sees something and then the lens Continue Reading