Envelope punch board tea bag caddy

Welcome back to stampwithbev .. With my third video we are going to make a tea bag caddy. I found “sweetie pots” made by Sam at Pootles.co.uk, adapted it to accommodate some teabags and then decided I wanted to put three sweetie pots together so I could have an assortment Continue Reading

10 Surprising Uses For Your Old Tea Bags

Joy Home Remedies brings you: 10 Surprising Uses For Your Old Tea Bags If you drink tea regularly, you probably go through a lot of tea bags! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something useful you could do with all those tea bags, rather than just throwing them out? Continue Reading

Who Really Invented the Tea Bag?

The Truth About The Surprisingly Recent Invention Of The Tea Bag Legend says that brewing tea dates back to around 2737 BC, when tea leaves fell into water being boiled for Emperor Shennong of China. There does not appear to be any hard evidence of tea being discovered this way, Continue Reading

Peshawar Tandoori Chai || special tea || پشاور تندوری چائے

Tea and Health | Caffeine | Weight Loss | The Healthiest Tea | TCM | ZhenTea

And hit the subscribe button blahblahblah hit the notification bar and hit the subs. and hit the subscription ring … ring? And hit the subscription Bell hey guys welcome back to the channel tea is often associated with health in North America and for many people they started drinking tea Continue Reading

Tea Storage Solution ~ Home Keeping ~ Storage Solutions ~ Kitchen Organization ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

I Have a question for you, are you a self-professed tea lover like I am Me and both of the girls really enjoy tea We drink tea all year whether it’s iced tea herb tea flavored tea Whatever you end up collecting so many boxes of tea When they’re on Continue Reading

Human Tea Bag Challenge

( music playing )A wise man once said, “A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” And a tall friend of mine once said, “Why don’t we cover Link in tea, dip him in hot water and see how it tastes.” I sure did! It’s time for the… Okay, Continue Reading

Lipton green tea lemon flavor is safe?

hello everyone there is a video circulating around whatsapp regarding Lipton green tea having worms but in real those are not worms the thing which are which you see in in the packet it’s actually what you call a kind of lemon scrap it’s been actually used to make tea Continue Reading

I Thought It Was Proper Tea… ( it’s not )

Hey guys, what’s up? it’s Alex, so it’s actually, um, 8:30 in the morning. I am not in my city. I’m in London in the UK. For a specific reason because this afternoon, I’ve got a conference during which I’m going to explain my journey but until then I’ve got Continue Reading