The Blue Iced Tea – Tipsy Bartender

– [Voiceover] Action! – Hi, I am Kelsey Darragh and today on TipsyBartender, we are making Blue Iced Tea. – [Voiceover] Look at the color on that, that’s sexy. – That’s blue. – [Voiceover] Well, blue-green. – Yeah, it starts green and goes to blue. Like I said, I wore Continue Reading

How to Strain and Infuse Tea | Becky Sheeran | One Minute Tips

Guys I’m going to show you how to infuse and strain your tea. The best way to maximise flavour is to use loose leaf tea. Put your leaves directly in the water. Or place them in a device that makes them easy to remove from the mug. Some modern teapots Continue Reading

Black Sea Turkey: Harvesting Hazelnuts and Tea – VLOG #394

good morning waveband today we have fun adventures planned for our last day and turkey so sad okay so bad news our camera battery is not charged therefore that it was charged and then we got out here – sighs one dick we mostly iPhone day we’re going to do Continue Reading

Horniman Museum and Gardens: Curious Tea Party

This weekend we have a brilliant event called Horniman’s Curious Tea Party. There’s lots of opportunities to see dance, to see dance performance, to see visual artists, talk to artists, have fun and spend time together. There have been a lot of people involved in making this event happen today. Continue Reading

How To Make Turmeric Tea | Andrew Weil, M.D.

are cool well do okay so our two cups of water is almost boiling I’m gonna add a heaping half teaspoon ground turmeric to that and stir it around and cover and reduce the heat to a simmer and we’ll just let that simmer for 10 minutes okay I like Continue Reading

Giant Long Beach Iced Tea – Tipsy Bartender

– Alright, today we’re making a long beach iced tea, which is this pretty drink right here. – [Skyy] Exactly, it’s a giant– – Oh, a giant long beach iced tea. – [Skyy] ‘Cause that ain’t regular size, homeboy! Okay, that got stuff growin’ out of it. It’s deadly! – Continue Reading

Green Tea Pie Brownies – Versi Lama

selamat datang kembali di Rolling Ping Kitchen Studio Bersama saya Chef Maulana hari ini kita akan membuat suatu resep yg sangat unik yg lagi trend untuk pemirsa semuanya Green Tea Pie Brownies selagi kita menunggu adonan kulit pie di dalam pendingin kita buat isi green tea brownies nya berikut caranya Continue Reading

Ultimate Guide to TEA | Talk Becky Talk

Welcome to Drinks Tube I’m Becky from Talk Becky Talk and today I have a guide for you, all about tea. We’re going to look at what tea is, where it comes from and why it’s so amazing. Because if you haven’t already guessed, I love it. So what is Continue Reading

Top Benefits Of Green Tea | Best Health Tips | Educational Videos

Top Benefits of Green Tea prevent cancer green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer the anti-oxidant in green pea is 100 times more effective than the term in C and 24 times better than that to me this helps your body and protecting cells from damage believed to be Continue Reading