#formosa #taiwanteas Nantou Tea. Tasting Taiwanese Oolongs

Hello, my friends! Today we continue tasting Taiwanese teas Right now we’re in the office of a company that mainly deals with the final stage of tea processing firing they end up having great volumes of the most exquisite tea, I would say including some contest-winning teas But they receive Continue Reading


Welcome back! In this video we’ll look at the December subscription. There are three oolongs: Light Roast Tieguanyin, Song Zhong Phoenix Oolong, and the 1986 Aged Tieguanyin. These three teas are great for December because they can be brewed with boiling water. Let’s start with the Light Roast. The Light Continue Reading


At Red Blossom Tea Company, we take pride in how we source our teas. Each year, during our sourcing trip, we focus on four factors to find the best crops: variety, provenance, harvest season, and crafting style. Unlike mass-produced tea bags, which are often flavored, it is these four factors Continue Reading

Tasting East Frisian Tea

Don Mei : Hey teaheads. This is Don from Mei Leaf. In this video : Tasting An East Fresian Tea. In this video my good friend Axle is going to introduce me to the delights of… Don and Axel : East Fresian tea! Don : This video is going to Continue Reading

【Traveling Taiwan】The Tea Gardens of Maokong【旅遊台灣】貓空茶園

At first glance the panoramic view of the city opens before you Tieguanyin In both Taiwan and China is one of the top-ten teas I recommend that you visit Taipei Tea Promotion Center to learn more about the local tea industry and tea culture

Fly With Yaya – Seni Upacara Minum Teh! / Japanese Tea Ceremony (ENG/JP captions)

Wow! This smells amazing! Hi, guys! Today I’m gonna learn about a very interesting cultural tradition in Japan. Want to know what it is? Let’s Fly With Yaya! Welcome to our tea ceremony room. Please come in. Whoa! This is such a gorgeous room! I’m about to try out the Continue Reading


Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato Tea Ceremony – Shiga – 叶匠寿庵 寿長生の郷

Located in the suburbs of Otsu, Shiga prefecture capital city, Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato is a longstanding Japanese style confectioner famous all across Japan. While people visiting Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato can shop for some of the best Japanese sweet, it is also possible there to participate in Continue Reading


Welcome back! In this video we’ll look at our updated competition sets. A [tea] competition set has a tea cup with a lid and it has a bowl. In tea competitions in Taiwan, these are very popular; they’re used similar to a coffee cupping set. Like a lot of the Continue Reading

Jinya Puerh – cata de té Fresh Chinese tea

Hi. Today in our tea session we enjoy the Puerh Jinya variety. This variety is distinguished from the usual from the first moment, with a lot of aroma more present to fermented tea than other varieties. The leaf size is small, with some lighter touches that give it its name. Continue Reading