#formosa #taiwanteas Nantou Tea. Tasting Taiwanese Oolongs

Hello, my friends! Today we continue tasting Taiwanese teas Right now we’re in the office of a company that mainly deals with the final stage of tea processing firing they end up having great volumes of the most exquisite tea, I would say including some contest-winning teas But they receive Continue Reading

Black Tea: Sun-Dried Vs Air-Dried | A Morning Black Tea Party and a Short China Trip

Don Mei : Hey teaheads! This is Don from Mei Leaf. In this video : Sun-dried versus air-dried black tea. In this video we’re going to be turning the spotlight onto Bu Lang Hong Cha, a sun-dried Yunnan black tea, and we’re going to be doing a taste test against Continue Reading

Tandoori chai | Homemade tandoori chai without tandoor | Hot pot tea

Hey guys welcome back to my channel Today we are going to make tandoori tea(tandoori chai) without tandoor If u like the video then plz hit the like button and plz subscribe to my channel Let’s start making tandoori chai Take earthen clay cup Put on flame to heat the Continue Reading

अपने पति से 🍵चाय बनवाये, couple kitty में | Tea Cup Game for all Parties | English Subtitles |

Hello Friends I, Anu Singhal, bring before you a very interesting couple game But before starting, a small question Has your husband ever made TEA for you If NO, then definitely play this game so that he can learn to prepare tea and will roll out laughing For this game, Continue Reading

Peshawar Tandoori Chai || special tea || پشاور تندوری چائے

Doodh Cha | Bengali Milk Tea | দুধ চা | Indian Chai Recipe | Chai Latte

Bengali Milk tea 1 cup of water 1 cup of milk Bring it to boil Once milk starts boiling turn flame to simmer Sugar 1 tsp Sugar should be added first to milk before adding tea leaves Because water released from sugar will dilute tea if sugar is added afterwards Continue Reading

10 Step Tea Tasting | How to Taste Tea Like a Pro

Don Mei : Hey teaheads! This is Don from Mei Leaf. In this video : Ten Step Tea Tasting. In this video I’m going to be presenting to you my methods for really experiencing the tea in ten steps. This video is going to go under the “Teamaster Classes” and Continue Reading

Prefect Way To Make Green Tea | For Flat Belly Weight Loss & Youthful Skin | CookWithNisha

Hello Friend! Welcome to “CookWithNisha” We all drink tea every day and now a days Green tea is in Trend as it has anti oxidants, good for skin and helps in weight reduction I will make this green tea with 3 variation and I Have given basic natural flavour like Continue Reading

NEW Young Gushu Pu Erh Tea 2018 – TEA TASTING

Haiti has the system for mainly in this video younggu Shoop or 2018 the day has finally arrived we’re gonna be unveiling our younggu shoe for this year we’re gonna be doing a full 10 step tasting and we’re gonna let you know what we think if any point in Continue Reading