Double Chicken Tea – Ultimate Chicken Broth – Food Wishes

– Hello, this is Chef John from with double chicken tea. That’s right, all this time you’ve been drinking tea made of dried twigs and leaves, while you could have been drinking a tea made out of bones and meat, which is exactly what I’m going to show you Continue Reading

[SUBS] ASMR | 10가지 마음이 가라앉고 차분해지는 분위기의 팅글 (ft. Water)

Hi Welcome to the ASMR Ouvir tea-house. Isn’t it too cold outside? I’ll make you some warm tea for you. How was it? The tea I just gave to you is called Fox-tea. It’s good for swelling and dieting. I used to eat pumpkin porridge sometimes for meal to reduce Continue Reading

SPRIG Green Tea Review | Benefits of drinking green tea ☕☕

Hello friends! I am Shubhra & I welcome to our own channel that is If you are new to our channel then Subscribe by clicking the red button If you are watching this video on Facebook then like our Facebook page Follow us on Instagram Kindly click the bell Continue Reading

2 Min. Tip: How and Why We Use Tea Leaves in the Garden

In today’s 2 minute tip, I’ll talk about how and why we use spent tea leaves in the garden. I’ve often recommended used coffee grounds as an excellent free source of nitrogen and other nutrients plants need, but spent tea leaves are even better. According to a study from the Continue Reading

How to make Desi tea | Asian Tea recipe | Indian Chai

do you know how to make tea from the loose tea if you don’t I will show you in a minute making tea from a loose tea is very simple but it’s a bit of work because you need to boil it on a pan and you have to strain Continue Reading

[TWC G8] History of Caffeine [2014/15 T1]

The history of caffeine is a long one, dating back thousands and thousands of years. It is thought that caffeine was consumed as far back as the Stone Age, when people would have eaten berries or leaves of plants that contained caffeine. Legend has it that the first cup of Continue Reading