Mucus Relief For Singers! Incredible Free Tips And Remedies For Singing Wellness! Ken Tamplin Vocal

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Today we’re going to be discussing how to get rid of mucus off of our vocal cords, but before we do that, I think it’s really important to ask ourself one big question, and the question is this: there’s an Continue Reading

Learn ABC’s – Learn Letter X | Alphabet Video on Tea Time with Tayla

Hey there, Bananas! Welcome back to “Tea Time”. Today we’re going to learn about a really cool letter. Everyone hold your arms like this. Good job! This is an “X”, and that’s our letter for the day! This is a capital X. and this is a lower-case X. They look Continue Reading

How to Wake Up (without coffee)

Nithyananda How to wake up without coffee in the morning One of my Guru’s, Annamalai Swami. In course of conversation he told me that we are not the body. We are beyond pain and suffering. When I was sitting alone and contemplating about it, “we are are not the body, Continue Reading

How is coffee decaffeinated? | #aumsum

How is coffee decaffeinated? Using a vacuum cleaner. No. Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine boosts our energy and keeps us focused for a short duration. However, caffeine can also cause headaches, nervousness, etc. Hence, decaffeinated coffee is a very good alternative. Now, there are various methods to decaffeinate coffee. One of Continue Reading

Would You Like Some Tea? | Newbie Lesson | ChinesePod

Hi everyone! Welcome to ChinesePod. My name is Gwilym. Hi everyone! This is Fi, and you’re joining us for a Newbie Lesson. Now today’s lesson, what’s the main focus? It’s about offering someone a drink and how to say no. So often one of the first questions when learning Mandarin Continue Reading

Want to Become SMARTER? Drink GREEN TEA!

Coffee, vitamins, brain boosting substances, people use all kinds of stuff to become smarter and perform better at work or school. But what if I told you that the key was actually green tea? Green tea has a wide array of health benefits due to its abundance of antioxidants and Continue Reading

The smell of coffee: 6 Minute English

Neil: Hello. Welcome to 6 Minute English, I’m Neil. Catherine: And I’m Catherine. Neil: Catherine, I’m going to start this programme with a quick test, just for you. Catherine: Ooo, I love tests! Neil: Complete this phrase: Wake up and smell the… Catherine: Coffee Neil! It’s coffee. I have to Continue Reading

DIY How to make kanzashi flower in a coffee cup (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #402

Hi. Today I will show you how to make kanzashi flower in a coffee cup. Detailed list of all needed items is in the description of this video. First, cut the strips out of ribbon. 8cm x 2.5cm. Take a strip. Fold it in 90 degree angle. Then fold it Continue Reading

This Special Ed Teacher’s Real-World Lessons will Inspire You | Class Act

Noah : My name is Noah. I give coffee to teachers. Cha Ching!! *laughing* Sadie: As a special ed teacher you have on average kids in three different grade levels and within those grade levels depending on what students you have you are planning for each of those students. “You Continue Reading