How to use Siri and Alexa with your Coffee Machine

Hello everyone. I am Ryan and today I am going to show you about how to make your coffee machine work with amazon alexa and Apple’s Siri. First thing you will need is an iHome control smart plug. This works with both Apple’s Siri because it says Apple’s HomeKit, so Continue Reading

Chill Your Beer With This Coffee Table! – Latest Technology # 17

What’s up guys? Welcome to TechTick. Today, I got something that you typically wouldn’t expect to see on a tech channel. Today’s product might be the beginning of a revolution in the furniture industry. This is Sobro – a table designed to fit our digital lifestyles. Now, what more could Continue Reading

The Brew – Deconstructing Coffee | How to Make Everything: Coffee

I know basically nothing about coffee when I go into a coffee shop most times I have no idea what I’m ordering let me change that so in these three episodes I’m breaking down learning the three most important aspects of making that perfect cup of coffee the bean the Continue Reading

The Economics and Ethics of Coffee

At this point I’ve pretty much explored almost every aspect of coffee, but there’s still one last aspect I wanted to explore as a final wrap up to our series. In our usual quest to…basically force myself to learn to appreciate everyday items, I traveled all the way to Mexico Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Use A Smart Phone | Ann Makosinski | TEDxTeen

Translator: Jennifer Rubio The last time that I used a flip phone was three hours and 24 minutes ago. This is my phone. It flips open like so. A lot of people might call this flip phone design, an “old phone,” as someone at the airport security called it. I Continue Reading

2 Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup Invention Ideas

Ever wondered, how our actions impact the environment? Would you like to make a difference? It is estimated that in the U.S alone, Americans throw away 100 billion coffee cups a year, this is something we can change. Even you. Hi, I’m Daniel, Hi, I’m Felipe, and we’re from EcoSouLife: Continue Reading

What If You Only Drank Coffee? Ft. WheezyWaiter

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin. Roughly 60% of Americans drink coffee everyday. I usually only have 2 or 3 cups, but what would happen if you only consumed coffee? How will your body react? Could you overdose on coffee? Well, as with any other wacky hypothetical, we here at Continue Reading

Ember Mug — $150 of crazy coffee AWESOMENESS

– So we pay way too much for our coffee. – [Man] Drink overpriced coffee. – There you go, that’s $37 – Awesome! – This coffee right here, the coffee was free. The mug, $150 If you’re like me, there are a couple things you need first thing in the Continue Reading

The Bean – Deconstructing Coffee | How To Make Everything: Coffee

I know basically nothing about coffee when I go to a coffee shop most times I have no idea what I’m ordered so I’m gonna change that and then next to the episodes I’m breaking down aligning the three most important aspects and making the perfect cup of coffee the Continue Reading

How AI Could Revolutionize Coffee | Freethink Coded

– There’s 14,000 cups of coffee drank every second globally and the coffee business is becoming very high end. We pay four, five, ten dollars for a cup of coffee but really the price to the farmer hasn’t changed. The fair trade system often isn’t applied fairly, honestly, to the Continue Reading