Pine Needle Tea / Männiokka tee – Easy Outdoors Cooking

Pine needles also contain an incredible amount of vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, a slew of B vitamins. Männiokka tee puhul kehtivad samad reeglid, mis kuuseokka tee puhul. Vali värskemad okkad, siis on tee ka parem. Per volume, pine needles have five times the vitamin C found in Continue Reading

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019 • 東京大茶会2019 [ENG Sub]

This year once again the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony took place in the Hamarikyu Koen. I visited that event together with Yoko and Maddy and we discovered a lot new things. We were welcomed by the musical program. Shamisen and beatboxing – an unfamiliar, but cool combination. You could find Continue Reading

10 Step Tea Tasting | How to Taste Tea Like a Pro

Don Mei : Hey teaheads! This is Don from Mei Leaf. In this video : Ten Step Tea Tasting. In this video I’m going to be presenting to you my methods for really experiencing the tea in ten steps. This video is going to go under the “Teamaster Classes” and Continue Reading

TEA ADDICTS – Fairtrade Malawi Daily Green Tea & Diamond Pearl Oolong – Grüntee & Oolong aus Afrika

Hello my name is Stephan and our mission here with Tea Addicts is to inspire you for good tea. Therefore I have travelled to Malawi. This is Malawi! I have visited many tea plantations but this Colonial style, the dimensions, the stories, these structures you find around here… I haven’t Continue Reading

Understanding white tea: Fresh vs. aged white tea | How white tea is made | Water temperature.

In this video: what is white tea and how aging affects its taste. By the end of this video, you will be able to recognize white tea and also in particular to tell it apart from all those fake white teas that are out there on the market. So keep Continue Reading

Understanding Japanese Green Tea. JAPAN TRIP

Don Mei : Hey teaheads! This is Don from Mei Leaf. In this video : Different Types of Japanese Green tea. In this video I’m going to be giving you a detailed overview of all the varieties of Japanese green tea. This video is going to go under the “Tea Continue Reading