Sir Patrick Stewart on Movies, TV, Acting and Tea

I believe, because it was a long time ago, that it was a movie called ‘The Monkeys Paw’ which I should not have seen because it was a horror movie. And I think I must have been taken by my mother who was a very brave individual to take me Continue Reading

Senate Votes Against Witnesses in Trump’s Impeachment Trial

-Guys, I’m very excited about this. Super Bowl LIV is on Sunday. [ Cheering and applause ] So many exciting questions. Who will win? Who will lose? Most importantly, who will take the hint when the game’s over to leave my house? [ Laughter ] I’m actually having a big Continue Reading

Blake Lively Severely Broke Her Hand Punching Jude Law

-I want to talk about your movie “The Rhythm Section.” Big action-packed spy thriller. You’re fantastic, as always, in it. It’s great. You got a lot of injuries during the filming of this. Why would you do your own stunts and do things? -I need to get another profession. This Continue Reading

Halle Berry Reacts to Drake, Rap Songs and NFL Plays Name-Checking Her

-Welcome back, Halle. -Thank you. -You look great. We’ve known each other a long time now. -Oh, my gosh. -Right? It’s been a while. I mean, I’d say almost 20 years. -Do you remember our first meeting? -Of course I do. -You do? -Well, yeah, you’re you. Yeah. It was Continue Reading